Learning to say no

Learning to say no – It is important

Learning to say no

It seemed to me that all people know how to say the word “no.” However, this is not easy, especially when you do not want to ruin your relationship with a person. But it turns out that this is not entirely true. Some cannot refuse another person, even if it goes against their own plans. Sometimes we simply cannot understand whether they offer or impose on us something that our soul does not lie to. The ability to say no has nothing to do with egoism. We reject someone’s ideas only because we cannot fulfill this request at the moment, or we don’t want to fulfill it in connection with our ideas about morality, visions of the world.

Learning to say no
Learning to say no

How can one refuse without hurt a person? – Learning to say no

The technique of refusal is directly proportional to the ability to insist on a person on his own. Failure must be crisp and clear. Most importantly, we should not apologize, not explain the reasons, let alone panic. We calmly repeat the word no. Everything seems to be simple. But most importantly, with what expression will we pronounce this word — no need to pronounce it with guilt and do not become like an angry three-year-old child. You can, of course, explain the reasons for the refusal, if you remain calm and calmly formulate the reason without tension and aggression. Otherwise, it will be about anger, and not about the adequate behavior of an adult.

You can shift your responsibilities to this person. – Learning to say no

 For example, “if I write a report for you, then you will work an hour for me tomorrow.” This usually works! Another way: extend the deadlines for fulfilling someone’s request. Not all of us can easily jump up and fulfill the request of a friend, neighbor, or colleague. Everyone has a lot of things to do, and they do not always turn to us in their free time.

There are many ways to say no, but only you can decide for yourself when and to whom you will help. This should not cause you an irresistible urge to evade. And help to a friend or colleague should come from a pure heart.

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