Kindness Is The Bravest Choice You’ll Ever Make

Kindness Is The Bravest Choice You’ll Ever Make

“Just as darkness cannot drive away the darkness, so hate cannot defeat hate. This can only be done with love, ”Martin Luther King, Jr.

Choosing the easiest path over time can be quite exhausting. Therefore, when anger overcomes you or offends you, wait a few seconds before answering. Find a reason to be above this. Find a way to resolve the conflict with love, because hate will only make it worse.

Of course, no one should be litter for others. Otherwise, you just let these terrible people continue to scoff at you with impunity. But kindness does not lie in allowing yourself to be used, but in your attitude towards others.

Kindness Is The Bravest Choice You’ll Ever Make
Kindness Is The Bravest Choice You’ll Ever Make

Kindness Is The Bravest Choice You’ll Ever Make

I don’t know for sure when I understood what it means to be good, but deep down inside I considered myself a litter for many years. And allowed to say this to the people whom she loved with all her heart. These words always upset me, but I did not know how to react to them, because I felt that it was true.

I always amazed people with my style of conflict resolution – not snarling, not showing hatred and not adding fuel to the fire. She simply walked away from the situation and listened to swearing in her direction because “they deserve to hear how bad they are” or “that they deserve the same attitude.”

Yes it is possible. But I realized that most often people who are fixated on themselves do not hear your words, and retaliatory accusations allow them to make you the culprit of the problem, the madman and the very reason why they behave this way with you. Therefore, as a rule, I make several attempts to establish communication and discuss the problem. If I meet a rebuff, then just leave.

I want to say the following: good people are good for a reason. This is a focused solution. This is a difficult, painful, and tedious choice, but on a personal level, it brings huge rewards.

Since I live in order to take care of people and love them, I suffer very much when relationships break up. As a rule, I constantly find myself with those who were rejected, abandoned, or those whom I used. Near broken or downed. But people do not understand one thing: I am not a litter. I am a brave man. My actions are intentional. I’m also strong.

Sometimes I’m the only one trying to love someone. Let them end up hurting me anyway, I’m ready to show people what real love is like. As a rule, those around me make me suffer, because they themselves do not believe that they are worthy of love. They push you away to feel safe again, but with the help of your respect and love, even at a distance you can make them realize their own value.

As for me, love cannot be called love if it depends on the attitude of another person towards you. I respect people, they are worthy of love and respect. And it doesn’t matter what they did or how much pain they brought me.

This does not mean that I need to satisfy all their needs or do everything possible for them. And this does not mean that I have to endure toxic people in my life. No, that means leaving without a word.

The choice of kindness, maturity and love makes me myself. And to choose such things in moments of suffering is much more difficult than just attacking someone or giving change.

We instinctively try to hurt people as much as they hurt us. A person is not used to forgiving and leaving. But no matter how complicated it may seem, no matter how miserable at times loneliness may seem, in forgiveness and care I find a world inaccessible to me before.

Kindness Is The Bravest Choice You’ll Ever Make

Choosing love in response to hatred, contempt, and pain is incredibly difficult. But how does this make me weak?

Why do we consider revenge or humiliation of the interlocutor during a quarrel as a force that helps us feel better? Does the negative development of a conflict situation somehow prove our superiority or rightness? If you are truly right, then you do not need to prove it. Someone may water you with mud behind your back, but you know who you really are, like all those who are dear to you.

By the time we become adults, there is almost no kindness left in us. Kindness is not a character trait that you can develop in yourself for fun. This is a lifestyle that you must consciously choose every day.

Kindness will bring you frustration, anger and even inner emptiness. But we choose it because the world needs balance, and there is already enough hatred around it. We choose her because she fills our souls. Because we know how it feels to get the opposite. We choose kindness because we love trials.

I have all the reasons for this world to love people, even despite rejection and pain. And I have every reason to be kind, despite the circumstances.

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