Is there a strong friendship after love

Is there a strong friendship after love

Is there a strong friendship after love

What comes after love? Despair or anger, hatred or relief, indifference or disappointment, the next love or loneliness … It all depends on how far the final result of the relationship turned out to be far from expectations. Of course, if love was and remains big and pure, then no “after” exists. And if this bright feeling suddenly leaves, and even not from both at once – here are possible options. But will it be possible to build friendships on the ruins of love?

Ridiculous suggestion – Friendship after love

Ridiculous suggestion - Friendship after love
Ridiculous suggestion – Friendship after love

Of course, least of all we want to hear from our beloved person the common phrase “let’s stay friends.” However, as a rule, we all had to, if not hear, then pronounce these words ourselves at the end of the novels. In the beginning, the main phrase is traditionally preceded by a stellar of compliments: “You are very good, beautiful, smart! Just wonderful!” Everyone is trying to sweeten the bitter pill! And then shocking: “But I do not love you. Let’s be friends?”.

For example, there was love, and now someone from her grew up, and he became cramped in a relationship that began to restrain his progress up and forward. And he is leaving. And the other still continues to live with an all-consuming feeling, not able to eradicate it. But friendship is a completely different way of communication. Then why these banal and empty sentences? After all, there are hardly any people who are really ready to become a true friend for someone with whom they decided to end their relationship, or with someone who decided to part.

Rehabilitation – Friendship after love

Rehabilitation - Friendship after love
Rehabilitation – Friendship after love

A disease such as love usually requires fairly long rehabilitation. According to psychologists, it will be forgotten twice as long as it lasted. Therefore, upon completion of this difficult disease, it is strictly indicated to stay away from its causative agent, but not to try to build friendships with it. Maybe for some, further communication will be something like friendships, but for another it will become a constant picking in a fresh wound.

Moreover, it is often common for the aggrieved party to fuel their empty hopes for a revival of love through further communication. Such a clue for “friendship” hinders everything that could contribute to a speedy recovery and free the heart for a new, perhaps truly big, pure, and eternal feeling. In such a situation, it is better to be distracted, remember the past less, fill your days with bright and interesting events.

An exception

Yet friendship after love does happen. Sometimes. More often, of course, after a slight love. Or after the love that everyone had been ill with: the departed no longer feels guilty, and the remaining survivor has forgiven and forgiven, both are successful and independent. Yes, love is in the past, but common friends and themes remained, a joint environment for self-realization and a good attitude. In this case, it is simply a sin not to be friends! 

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