4 Important Things a Girl Wants From You

4 Important Things a Girl Wants From You

Naturally, girls have very different types of personalities. There are sophisticated and feminine, there are also “tomboys” – hooligans, girls showing the character inherent in guys. There are “artists” – they really often can not be understood at all, and that is also not bad, they just are.

Therefore, it is difficult to draw a solid conclusion of what Things a Girl Wants From You because there are also extremes. There are girls who are driven only by maternal instinct – they want children, as soon as possible, from someone else. There is another extreme when a girl just wants money to be supported, and everything else is generally not important or deeply secondary. We will consider something averaged, so to speak, something that most girls wants from you and expect.

4 Important Things a Girl Wants From You

Useless Ways To Save Your Relationship
Useless Ways To Save Your Relationship

1 She wants you to listen and hear

This is one of the most famous from the things a girl wants from you These are her long stories about all kinds of nonsense when the essence can be conveyed in half a minute – this is not to annoy you. She just wants to talk about everything. It can be taken as a sign of trust, although there is the concept of “girlish language”. Girls need more communication than men.

Of course, they merge secrets, but this happens for natural reasons. You just need to remember this once and for all: this is nature – and that’s it. In general, the meaning is this: if you stop listening to her, she will find someone who takes time for this “bullshit,” someone who will not interrupt her enthusiastic stories and continuously push her.

There is another concept: a woman loves her ears. Usually, this is understood literally: it seems like you need to shower the girl with compliments and promises – so you can deceive or conquer her. On the one hand, this is true: up to a certain age, these creatures are incredibly naive. On the other hand, there is a deeper meaning.

Sex, the joint viewing of Hollywood news, and other delights of everyday life are important, but simple conversations about this are no less meaningful. She just wants to talk to you – at least sometimes in such moments, listen, do not interrupt, and do not push. Not so expensive is the hour of your time.

This is really important. Put yourself in her place – how would you take such an attitude when your word is not penniless? When they defiantly refuse attention, indicating how to talk and what. By the way, if for some reason you are in this place, get out immediately. A heel is not your pair, and a lot of brave warriors were killed in the friend zone – no one can overcome it.

You shall not pass!


2 She wants you to be a man, not she.

Here we come to one of the main female paradoxes. She wants you to consult with her, to listen to her, she even wants to be the initiator sometimes. But! At the same time, she wants you to make decisions so that you still remain a man. Here the male brain sees some kind of contradiction.

How is it – the girl wants to express her opinion, wants to consult with her and take her opinion into account, but at the same time, the man must still make the decision himself? What is the point? It’s very easy to explain. Lipstick – saw how many flowers are there? True: one is red. But this is so for men, and for a girl, there are 482 colors, and they are all different. About the same alignment with emotions: you have clear gradations like “sadness”, “resentment”, “anger”, “joy”, Keanu Reeves.

She may have a tender sadness soaked in warm nostalgia, seasoned with a pinch of bitterness, and all this causes a smile. If you give them the right to invent words and provide names to emotions, then in six months, there will be several thousand such names.

Thus, you may see a contradiction, but for her, everything is logical – she wonders how a man can be so stupid. For a girl, the main thing is that you consulted her; the fact itself is essential. She is pleased that you listened to her opinion, and it will be great if you find some compromise so that this opinion or advice can be seen in the decision made. At least by the edge (this, by the way, is usually the best option).

But you cannot consistently do what she says, even if it seems that this is precisely what the girl wants. As a result, it turns out that you are a rag, and nobody likes rags. They will use you first, and then they will leave you. Or leave immediately if it turns out that there is nothing to use. In any case, doom.

Things a Girl Wants From Her Boyfriend

Useless Ways To Save Your Relationship
Useless Ways To Save Your Relationship

3 She wants to be surprised

The girls really like surprises, better pleasant ones. A surprise is understood as a surprise – you know, that one, from childhood, is immaculate. When you rejoice even in the little things. Here girls retain the ability to enjoy such trifles all their lives. Any relationship cools over time – it is impossible to be in this state continually (this is a short period when you still haven’t seemed to fall in love, but about to fall in love)

This is the most amazing and probably the warmest period for the inner world. You already sleep on different sides, and maybe in different rooms sometimes (and this, by the way, is not bad). Such a break from each other is necessary, but she still loves surprises. Do not forget about it. You can please with real trifles; only you need to do them without showing off, from the heart. Just wash the dishes, for example, or throw in the wash.

Therefore, they are happy with flowers. Usually, a girl has some favorite flowers, but in general, they are just a symbol of attention – just a present, a surprise. Do them not only on holidays – a surprise is different from a gift in that it is unexpected, sudden, and pleasant. A little surprise is more delightful than a big gift in the food chain of emotions. And girls are over-emotional – they need to be fed with pleasant surprises.

Things Every Girl Wants In A Relationship From You

4 she wants to believe you

There are times when “lying for good” is applicable, and there are times when it is impossible to lie. Under no circumstances. Specific examples do not exist – you can only catch the extraordinary note and understand that this is such a moment. If you listened to it more often, you would learn to pick such notes and tones, and there’s no one to blame. In general, given the female over-emotionality, their perception of lies is logical.

For her, your lie is a mini-betrayal, included in the same “color range”. If you lie at the moment when the girl wants the truth despite everything, know that a lie will one day be revealed, maybe in years, and the conditional insult from the deed will be multiplied by the abuse from the myth itself. This may not manifest itself externally, there may be no scandal and all that, but this lie will remain between you forever. She won’t forget her anymore, no way to smooth this crack. Therefore, learn to hear it, be a man, and tell the truth when necessary.

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