How Zodiac Signs Behave When Drunk

Alcohol Horoscope: How Zodiac Signs Behave When Drunk

You can have fun with Pisces if you have money, with Scorpio – if he likes. And after a spree with Sagittarius, do not be surprised if you wake up in a foreign country.

How Zodiac Signs Behave When Drunk

How Aries Behave When Drunk

How Zodiac Signs Behave When Drunk

Impulsive Aries like to have fun and sometimes do not know when to stop. They have a competitive spirit that makes them enter the competition – whoever drinks the most.

When they drink, they become the most fun people in the world. And even in this state, they can tell everything that you want to learn from them and that they will never tell soberly.

How Taurus Behave When Drunk

They are usually limited to a small amount of alcohol. But if they get drunk, they immediately begin to create a bunch of problems around themselves.

For example, they constantly spill their drinks on other people, which can be very unpleasant. They like to be in the spotlight, so a good decision would be to bring them to a karaoke bar. Fun guaranteed.

How Gemini Behave When Drunk

They are cool, and therefore, even getting drunk, remain themselves. In this state, they like to talk, but their attention is scattered in all directions. Sometimes they don’t even realize that they are intoxicated.

Gemini can flirt simultaneously with several members of the opposite sex. And each time, ordering a portion of alcohol, they choose a new drink, because they do not like the monotony.

How Cancer Behave When Drunk

These are gentle souls who are usually drunk for comfort. They like to “console” themselves with a few glasses of wine after dinner, as well as a few bottles of beer after work.

Like other signs of Water, they need to drink with caution – so as not to overdo it. Most of all, Cancers like VIP events, as well as private themed parties. Cancer never gets too drunk, but take on the appearance of “tired and sensitive” bohemian characters.

There is nothing better than drinking a bottle of red wine with your beloved Cancer.

How Leo Behave When Drunk

Leo loves to drink and dance, even if they don’t know how to do it. When they drink, they turn into pleasant and sweet people, who at the same time never lose control of themselves.

If they drink a little more than the norm, then they begin to flirt frankly, but never cross a certain line. If in a tipsy state they behaved tactlessly and even rudely, then they will apologize the next day.

How Virgo Behave When Drunk

Representatives of this sign are known for their exemplary behavior, so they drink a little and with caution. This means that they usually choose drinks with great care. They rarely lose control of themselves, but when this happens, it translates into a real show.

Virgins in a state of intoxication give in to fun, not embarrassed to flirt with people of the opposite sex, not paying attention to what others will think about them.

How Libra Behave When Drunk

According to Libra, they drink to have fun and socialize. They just love to go to parties, flirt and meet new people. Alcohol can “reveal” both their good and bad sides.

The scales in a state of intoxication will flirt with all persons of the opposite sex who are in the access zone. And to go too far with alcohol for Libra is a common thing.

How Scorpio Behave When Drunk

Never tell Scorpio what is enough for him, otherwise he will continue to drink until he falls unconscious. They like to drink, and if you do not like it, then you should stay away from them.

In general, it is believed that Scorpios are an excellent company for drinking alcohol. In a state of intoxication, they are revealed as excellent interlocutors and charming seducers. At the same time, they will remember everything that you told them and did, so it is recommended to drink only with those Scorpions that you like.


The proverb “Truth in wine” is quite true in relation to this sign of the zodiac. When they get drunk, they begin to tell you about everything, including all their secrets and other people’s secrets.

It’s actually interesting to drink with them. Under this sign, many famous party people were born. These are people who can find a common language with everyone. And at the same time they can convince you to do anything. So do not be surprised if after wandering with Sagittarius you wake up in a foreign country or at least in an unfamiliar area.

Capricorns – How Zodiac Signs Behave When Drunk

Most often, they are practical, hungry for money and social status, so it is not surprising that they are not the most private guests of parties. However, it was under this sign that Elvis Presley, Annie Lennox and David Bowie were born, which means that Capricorns, nevertheless, are able to enjoy life.

These are real rock stars: independent, strong and charismatic. They are either completely immersed, or completely removed from everything that happens around them.

Aquarius – How Zodiac Signs Behave When Drunk

Aquarius and alcohol are incompatible. When they get drunk, it seems to them that they know everything in the world. If an idea appears in their head, they do not calm down until they carry it out.

But if they have a party, they are so immersed in its organization that they are in suspense to the last. Aquarians love the company of drunk and cheerful people with whom they simply adore communicating. A conversation between a sober Aquarius and an interesting drunk person is a common thing.

Pisces – How Zodiac Signs Behave When Drunk

If you are a Fish, you probably know that many famous alcoholics and drug addicts were born under this sign. Not only do Pisces love to go into this world of dreams, they also quickly get used to it. Therefore, if you decide to build a relationship with a representative of this sign, you need to be vigilant.

On the other hand, they really are wonderful and interesting partners. If you start drinking with Pisces, everything else loses its meaning.





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