How Women Control Men

How Women Control Men – 5 Tricks To Master Mans Mind

5 tricks with which a woman is able to fully master the thoughts of a man. How Women Control Men (Without Men Even Knowing It). Catch it on the hook. In a good sense of the word!

When it comes to sexual attraction, I definitely like one thing more than anyone else, namely, to completely master the thoughts of a man. Of course, you can charm him with your body, offer him your favorite drink and dish, or not let your bed out for several hours in a row. However, it’s much more efficient to just get into his head.

And to be in his head means that he thinks about you every second of his time. That he is passionate and focused only on you.

And although all this can happen by itself, but you can speed up the process using the following refined tricks.

1. Be interesting. – How Women Control Men

1. Be interesting. - How Women Control Men
1. Be interesting. – How Women Control Men

Of course, it is impossible to interest absolutely everyone, but there are ways to improve communication skills with those who like you. The secret to a good conversation partner is listening.

If you think that the essence of the conversation is to reach out to the person, talk to him as loudly as possible and always be right, then with this approach you will lose (or have already lost) many people who have sympathy for you. So learn to listen.

If you want to conquer his heart and capture his thoughts, first listen to him. Ask about his interests, feelings and desires. Gather as much information as possible about what drives him both physically and intellectually.

With this information in hand, you can start talking about topics that he likes, and this will make him fall in love with your company.

But the above does not mean at all that you should sacrifice your own interests. Ideally, you need to find topics that will interest both of you. You should also have fun, and any conversation is much easier to maintain, if you are interested in its topic.

2. Catch it on the hook. – How Women Control Men

2. Catch it on the hook. - How Women Control Men
2. Catch it on the hook. – How Women Control Men

So, you captured his attention. He listens to you, answers you and easily talks about himself. He trusts and next to you he is comfortable. It’s fine! You can now proceed to the next step.

If he is interested in you, then keeping him on the hook will not be difficult. Just push it a bit with flirting.

Is your boyfriend smart, dreamy and erotic? Then sexting is a great way to lure him. If he likes to dream, send him some of your sexual selfies.

Always stay true to yourself. If you are not used to talking openly about your own desires, you can hint at them a little. But if you like to be active, then it will not be difficult to tell the partner in the eye how much you want to kiss him.

3. Follow his example.

Starting correspondence with him, follow the direction of his thoughts. Is he interested in details? As a rule, men have developed visual perception, so try to use more descriptive words.

Some men are already content with just talking to them. But many seek to expand their role. For each action that he describes, respond with something that increases the level of passion.

For example, speak as often as possible and show him how much you want him. People like to feel what they want. There is no better aphrodisiac than the feeling when someone needs you, and how they touch you, how they look at you, how they respond and how they kiss you.

With his hints, he himself will let you know how to “tease” him. Remember these things and play with them. If he wants you to become a bit more depraved (and you want this from him), then do not hesitate to realize your fantasies.

4. Be “recognizable.”

In marketing, there is the concept of “top of mind”. It indicates your positioning your own brand or company as the first that comes to mind when the buyer thinks about a particular product or service. Recognition can be maintained through analysis, regular reminders and simply “brand awareness”.

Well, you can do all this. Make yourself “recognizable” in everything related to intimate moments. And when he thinks about love, he will immediately remember you.

Throughout the day you can send him random intimate messages, the main thing is to do it constantly. And let it not daily, but at least every other day. Maintain a spark between you by texting during periods of long separation.

5. Intimacy.

5. Intimacy. - How Women Control Men
5. Intimacy.

Intimate messages, especially before a date, are a great way to rekindle passion. It arouses imagination, drives your man crazy and sets you up for certain actions …

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