How to wake up early

How to wake up early? 10 effective ways

Howto wake up early? 10 effective ways

Many of us suffer from the fact that we cannot wake up early. Everything suffers from this – you wake up angry, you are late for work, you get scolded by your boss, and you want to sleep all day. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to sleep. And here you have a wise thought – to start getting up earlier.

How to wake up early

How early to wake up , and to accustom yourself to do it every day, the question, of course, is a good one. Let’s talk about this. Here are some effective ways:

Find a reason to wake up early.

This can be any reason, but which will affect you 100%. For example, it may be a statement that only losers sleep late, or that it is necessary to do very, very much, but there is no time. Well, etc. etc .. Find your motivation, and if it is chosen correctly, then early to wake up is not difficult.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep and avoid night traps. – How to wake up early

Enjoy a good night's sleep and avoid night traps. - How to wake up early
Enjoy a good night’s sleep and avoid night traps. – How to wake up early

If your hand reaches for an interesting magazine or book before going to bed, or maybe to a remote control from a TV or computer, then cross it in every way. You certainly won’t get enough sleep, and waking up will be much harder for you.

Forget the snooze button in the alarm clock. – How to wake up early

Set it clearly at the right time and do not delay waking. The alarm clock rang – we don’t pull the hand for the “postpone” button, but get up! Otherwise, putting off your ascent, it will be more difficult to get up, and all day you will feel that you have not slept.

Remember the consequences of your “well, another 5 minutes!”.

It often happens that these same 5 minutes can turn into all 10, and sometimes 30 minutes. And every minute of extra stay in bed can lead to the fact that you again fall asleep and for a long time. In addition, there is a risk of being late for work, which you so do not want.

Drink a glass of water. -How to wake up early

After waking up, it would be nice to drink a glass of water. This will help you wake up, and besides, it will remove harmful substances that have accumulated overnight from the body.

Drink a glass of water. -How to wake up early
Drink a glass of water. -How to wake up early

Cheer up.

The peppy music of your favorite artist in the morning will help to do this. And if you make a tradition for yourself to drink coffee, tea or your favorite fresh in the morning, the guarantee of a good day and high spirits is provided.

Fall asleep with happy thoughts. – How to wake up early

And do not try to scroll in your head the preparation for the delivery of the project or an important conversation with the boss. So you will not only fall asleep late, but in the morning it will be like a squeezed lemon.

To wake up early, it is very important that the evening before the dinner was light.

And avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks at night. This certainly will not help you fall asleep in time and wake up fresh.

Take a bath before bedtime

It will do you good, replace a sedative and help you fall asleep. And if you add a little lavender oil, it will even more relax and soothe you. It is good for children to brew a soothing collection and add to the water. Although on especially difficult days, such a bath is suitable for you.

Congratulate yourself on a new day.

And the louder the better! It may be something like “Hooray, I did it (a)!”. By the way, you can share the joy with a neighbor in misfortune, who also needs to get up early. At the same time, he will wake up. The main thing is that he had to wake up, and he didn’t do it just because of your scream.

Here are some tips for getting up early and feeling energetic and alert all day. We hope our tips will help you. Good luck!

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