How To Talk With A Man About Sex

How To Talk With A Man About Sex

In our current progressive world, now no one is ashamed of having sex, but many do not go far to talk about it. Sexologists believe that there are no shortcomings between partners and is the most important factor that prevents the construction of a harmonious and saturated sex life in a couple.

Everyone knows that there was no sex in the Soviet Union. We have inherited these prescriptions, and for this reason many people like to avoid this sensitive and piquant problem, at the same time they suffer from dissatisfaction in bed and doom them to a companion. The result is a belief that everything, without exception, will develop by itself.

A huge oversight is a belief that the representative of the stronger sex will independently learn what is expected of him, which positions are more like and where the erogenous region is. Exclusively the main characters of romance novels from the first love making can clearly recognize each other’s aspirations and achieve numerous orgasms.

Talking about sex with your favorite representative of the stronger sex is an absolutely common occurrence. Talking about this makes it possible for the partners to come together enormously and to reach a qualitatively different level of relations. Where to start chatting about sex is competently presented on the letschatlove website .

Based on the publications, we conclude: Talking with a man about sex is a must, and when we read further.

How To Talk With A Man About Sex
How To Talk With A Man About Sex

When to talk about sex with a man

No need to talk with a representative of the stronger sex directly during the period of lovemaking. At the time of sex, a man is busy only with this, and he does not want to talk.

No need to talk about this piquant problem at the time of a football match or if a person relaxes after a service with a computer game.

It is necessary to create an appropriate atmosphere in order to talk about sexual relationships. Suppose a romantic dinner (by the way, a glass of wine can help certain emancipation), breakfast in bed, etc. The main thing is that during the conversation the person should be relaxed and concentrated in you and not be engaged in any kind of business.

Instructions on how to talk about sex with a man

The first rule. You can not talk about his mistakes and mistakes, about what he does far from it. A lot of expressed accumulated complaints are considered the right way to inflict a blow on self-esteem and potency of the stronger sex. It is necessary to say exclusively about yourself – about what I would like, about my fantasies and lusts. If it’s inconvenient to talk about this topic, then you don’t have to withhold it anyway, be that as it may, how magnificent is the simple shy blush on the girl’s face!

The second rule. You can not give examples and make any comparisons with previous sexual experience. The representative of the stronger sex must have a feeling of a single hero. Find out that it is not recommended to declare a representative of the stronger sex.

The third rule. You must try to be more specific. Roundabouts, imagery, metaphors in no way belong to the categories that the stronger sex thinks. The man most understood the specificity and logic. If you like your lover at the time of sex to nibble sweetly on your earlobe, in which case you need to tell him directly.

The fourth rule. Of course, you need to find out from your beloved – what does he like? Be that as it may, the purpose of the conversation is the result of cumulative excellent sex.

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