The most difficult, but at the same time, and the most important is the first acquaintance. A thousand thoughts begin to boil in our head and all our complexes, which, as we know, come from childhood, begin to float out.


FIRST STEP IN DATING - Stages of Dating Relationships
FIRST STEP IN DATING – Stages of Dating Relationships

One of the most frequently asked questions before a first acquaintance, both men and women, poses the question on what topic to have a conversation with the opposite sex?

Psychologists advise that in no case should you behave “notoriously” and be shy. Your partner will certainly feel your self-doubt and he may lose any desire to continue communicating with you.

All people are individual, if you do not fit this person, then this does not mean at all that you are not an interesting and boring interlocutor. Optimists, in such cases, say very simply: it was not your day. Realists claim that it was just not your person, and you should continue to search for the role of the best companion in your life. Naturally, the first thing your interlocutor pays attention to is your appearance. In this case, I recall the folk wisdom that they are met by clothes and escorted by the mind.

FIRST STEP IN DATING - Stages of Dating Relationships
FIRST STEP IN DATING – Stages of Dating Relationships

Probably, every person understands that on the very first night of acquaintance you will not be able to amaze your interlocutor with your encyclopedic knowledge about the laws of physics or some kind of chemical reactions. Yes, and such topics for conversation on the first night of dating are completely useless. According to this, you can make a platoon that what you say is put on the back burner, and your appearance comes to the fore.

Experts in the field of relations between a man and a woman advise that on a feather a date or for the first meeting with a guy or a girl of your dreams, it is better to dress not catchy, but effectively. This means that girls should not wear all their jewelry and all the most beautiful and newest skirts with blouses. There will be enough “stylish” blouse and a cute dress.

Such a wardrobe can be supplemented with a couple of cute accessories. As for young people, they also need to think through their appearance to the smallest detail. It is best to ask and consult with a girl that she will dress in order not to look funny and absurd.

It is also worth considering the fact where you are going to go with your girlfriend. If this is a theater, then it is best to wear a costume, if it is a cafe, on the seashore, then you can wear shorts. The most important thing is that the outfit you choose suits you, and you feel relaxed in it, in a good understanding of the word, and, of course, have confidence in yourself.

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