How to survive the spring breakup?

How to survive the spring breakup?

How to survive the spring breakup?

Spring is not only a time of new love, but it also happens that it is a time of parting. It happens that memories of romance, of traveling together, of overcoming difficulties simply roll at night or in the middle of the working day …

How can one survive parting without digging oneself, without anger and without guilt?

How to survive the spring breakup?

How to survive the spring breakup?
How to survive the spring breakup?

Psychologists give the following seven “golden tips”:

1. SOBERLY ANALYZE THE SITUATIONS – survive the spring breakup

When two people break up, it is always the result of the mistakes of just two people. Therefore, it makes sense to calmly, without guilt, reflect on the situation, so as not to repeat mistakes in future relationships!

2. GIVE A LEGAL EXIT TO EMOTIONS – survive the spring breakup

Typical emotions when parting, in addition to the above – anger, despair, despondency. And keeping them inside is hard, and expressing it in public is kind of awkward. Indeed it is. But there are other ways of expressing emotions – for example, keeping a diary, “burning” of emotions in the practice of sports. As a last resort, sit down 50-100 times.

3. ELIMINATE THE BENEFITS OF SUFFERING – survive the spring breakup

If the suffering from separation lasts a very long time, then, paradoxically, you get some benefit from this situation. For example, “hide behind” them to justify your inaction or fear of a new relationship.

4. SWITCH BRAIN – survive the spring breakup

In order to prevent the brain from “drowning” in the negative, it is useful to load it with something interesting. Read a book about what you have always been interested in, but did not find time to do this closely. Review your favorite childhood movies – surely get a lot of positive impressions!


Our way of life gravitates towards anonymity, isolation. Therefore, in times of crisis and emotional upheaval, it’s time to refresh family ties, visit your parents, or even temporarily move to them. In the end, you always have time to get back to yourself, right? – survive the spring breakup


Some people, having experienced a breakup with their partner, “go down,” stop monitoring themselves. But this is not your way! Make it a rule to monitor at least three elements: 1) clothes (should be neat and clean), we recommend purchasing silver mirrors from Fashion Mirror; 2) hair (must be combed, well-groomed), and 3) gait (must be confident, with direct posture). And, of course, make yourself smile more often, even if you are alone with yourself! A smile will not automatically solve your problems but will reduce the intensity of the negative. – survive the spring breakup


Give yourself time. The new novel as an antidote is not good – of course, it will bring temporary relief, but in the end, it will turn out, most likely, a psychological trauma. Best of all – take care of yourself and wait for a truly new, inspiring love!

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