How to respond to an insult

How to respond to an insult?

How to respond to an insult?

Well, tell me, who likes insults? Naturally, no one! Nobody likes to be insulted, hurt, humiliate and trample with dirt in every possible way. But, unfortunately, the world is not perfect, and often we encounter insults addressed to us or the people close to us. There are many ways to respond to an insult, and everyone chooses his own. Someone thinks that it is better to keep silent and skip the insult “by the ears” without paying attention to him, while someone on the contrary starts insulting in response, believing that it is much more effective. How many people, so many opinions. We’ll tell you more about some methods that will help to answer the insult competently, and at the same time, without changing yourself. Of course, everyone will already choose which way anyone likes.

How to respond to an insult
How to respond to an insult

Be above insults

It’s a good method, but it’s not always suitable for people who are quick-tempered by nature, who “flare up” from one wrong look in their direction. However, having trained, this method will allow you to remain calm and calm. Just try not to react to the insult. Try not to raise your voice, respond calmly and with dignity. In no case should you show that you are somehow upset – this will further affect the attitude towards you. Watch your emotions, focus on them, not insults.

Friendly approach – How to respond to an insult.

You can also try another, no less productive method, which also requires some patience and willpower . Show kindness and kindness, and translate the insult into a constructive conversation heart to heart. Sometimes it’s quite benevolent to ask again what a person said, and you can overcome his aggression. Sometimes it happens that you are not guilty of anything, but you simply “fell”. Find out the reason and help the person, if this is, of course, required.

Resourceful approach – How to respond to an insult?

One of the surest ways to smooth out a conflict situation and correctly respond to an insult is to turn it, as far as possible, into a joke. This will allow you to preserve your own dignity and reduce insult and aggression to “no.” Of course, this is easier said than done, but if the witty answer doesn’t defuse the situation, it will help to get out of the situation with honor. In any case, after hearing something unpleasant about you, try to stay calm, because this is the best way to deal with insults.

Chain reaction

The least effective way, in terms of resolving conflicts , but sometimes it helps to relieve tension, is a chain reaction method. In this case, the method of responding to insults is not to listen to the person, not to miss his words by yourself, but to shout (literally) in the answer all silliness. Thus, you become a “twin brother” and slide down to the level of this ill-bred type. But on the other hand, it helps to relieve tension, and even sometimes calm the insulting you. Especially if you took two octaves higher.

Here are some ways to respond to an insult. As already mentioned, everyone chooses the method that is closer to him and which will help in this or that situation to find a way out with honor.

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