How To Recognize the best Lover Man In Bed

How To Recognize the best Lover Man In Bed

Basically, all the myths about how to recognize a good lover are exaggerated. In my opinion, everyone knows that during a walk girlfriends can be frank, and mostly about their sex life. And then disputes begin, as each tries to prove its point of view.

Recognize the best Lover Man In Bed

Recognize the best Lover Man In Bed

After all, someone loves passionate men, and someone romantic. Despite the fact that you are already quite adult girls, you still believe in signs by which you can easily determine whether this guy is good in bed or not.

For example, in our modern time, you can find out by calculating the “trochanter index” sexual abilities of your loved one in bed. You need to take a centimeter and measure the length of his leg from the outer protrusion on the thigh to the very heel. The outer protrusion on the thigh – this is the trochanter, that is, in Latin “tubercle”.

Signs the good Lover Man In Bed

The result that you get is divided by the full growth of your loved one. If your indicator is 1.92-1.98, then he has a high temperament. If the average temperament, then the indicator should be in such limits – 1.92-1.98. If the indicator is 1.85-1.91, then the man has a low temperament.

You think that only a beautiful, slender sexy handsome man can satisfy a girl , you are mistaken! After all, some men of short stature will easily give odds to handsome and slender men. The fact is that the shorter the man’s legs, the higher the temperament.

They say that bald men are even very temperamental lovers. In principle, baldness is a very high level of testosterone in the body of a man, which means that he is really a great lover. But this is not always, baldness can also begin due to diseases with the heart. Pay attention to the shape of the bald spot. It should start in front, and at least a little hair in the back, but it should be.

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