How to reach new heights in 15 minutes

How to reach new heights in 15 minutes

How to reach new heights in 15 minutes

Is it possible to achieve heights, for example, in professional activity in just 15 minutes? You will say that this is impossible. But this is only seen at first glance. There is one of the secrets of time management, which encourages you to devote 15 minutes a day to work that does not require urgent execution, but which is important for future development.

Reach new heights

I adopted this rule and improved it a bit. For each person there are several significant aspects of life and you want to succeed in each of them. That is why I identified four main areas and it turned out that for a happy and fulfilling life you need to spend only 60 minutes a day.

To reach new hights the beauty is that this time is divided into 15 minutes, and even less, so that everyone can select it. Well, now I’ll proceed directly to the instructions for applying this wonderful rule.

I think that the types of work that I took will suit almost everyone:

  • reading fiction;
  • reading scientific literature;
  • studying of foreign language;
  • physical activity.

I will tell you more about the meaning and significance of each species.

1. Reading fiction. – Reach new height

1. Reading fiction. - Reach new hights
1. Reading fiction. – Reach new height

Art books, classics in priority, are a source of a large vocabulary, correct and beautiful speech, and also broaden their horizons and make a person an interesting conversationalist in any company. A well-read person always achieves

great success in any field of activity. I hope I have given enough reasons that reading books is a must. Many people knew this before me. But how to find time to read books, when everything is all about business and concerns? I think a quarter of an hour will still be found. Let’s do some simple calculations. If you read 10 pages of literary text per day, then in a year 3650 pages will be typed. Take the average volume of a book for 300 pages and it turns out that over the year you can easily and naturally master about 12 full-fledged books. Can you boast so much over the past year? I think that such units.

2. Reading scientific literature. – Reach new heights

Almost any specialty requires self-improvement and deepening of knowledge. But often there is no time for this, and no one needs to take exams. Nevertheless, it is logical to assume that an employee with a large amount of information is more valuable to superiors. To accelerate career growth, you can also follow the rule of 15 minutes . Of course, 12 scientific books cannot be read, but 5-6 are free.

3. Learning a foreign language. – Reach new heights

3. Learning a foreign language. - Reach new heights
3. Learning a foreign language. – Reach new heights

Even if the profession does not imply contacts with foreigners or foreign literature, and traveling can be easily explained “on the fingers”, mastery of any foreign language is a big contribution to self-development. This skill allows you to broaden your horizons and train your memory. I can safely say that such an activity helps to relieve stress no worse than sports training. From my own experience, I suggest alternating the days when you can learn grammar and the days devoted to the translation of the text you have chosen.

4. Physical activity.

Currently, recommendations on the norm of physical activity for a person say that you need to spend 30 minutes playing sports daily. If someone sticks to it, fine. But still it’s hard to find half an hour for physical education. Here is my suggestion: we divide 15 minutes into 8 and 7. In the morning we carry out a full eight-minute exercise with the study of all joints and muscles. In the evening, before going to bed, we spend 7 minutes stretching, breathing gymnastics or yoga – as you like. The benefits of charging have long been known to everyone, and spending just a little time on it is simply necessary. Exercises for the night will help you tune in to a restful sleep and have a good rest.

So, spending a minimum of time, you can comprehensively develop and achieve success in any business. 

Perhaps someone will choose other forms of “fifteen-minute” activity or increase their number – everything is in your hands!

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