How To Quickly Get Rid Of Negative Emotions

How to quickly get rid of negative emotions? It was precisely this question that the luminaries of science in the field of neurophysiology asked.

The result of the experiments was that people could literally wash away negative emotions. Therefore, taking a bath or shower is of considerable importance in restoring mental comfort.

Get Rid Of Negative Emotions

Get Rid Of Negative Emotions
Get Rid Of Negative Emotions

Specialists from the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan have proven that the washing process has a tremendous psychological impact on humans.

“When we wash our hands or go under the stream of the shower, or even when we just think about washing, in this way we get rid of unpleasant feelings, emotions, sensations, negativity and doubts, we become more confident,” says a representative of a group of scientists Lee Spike.

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“The mechanical washing of the body with water guarantees the psychological basis for restoring mental balance as a result.”

Dealing with Negative Emotions

Get Rid Of Negative Emotions
Get Rid Of Negative Emotions

Of course, far from all the baggage of experiences of the past must be cleaned with water. Does Spike believe that the pleasant moments of memories that are carefully stored in our memory should not be reproduced in the washing process since they can simply be simply “washed away.” Such a procedure is unlikely to be a pleasure.

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During the research, scientists drew attention to the fact that volunteers who resurrected immoral acts in their memory, even when they washed their hands with soap, did not feel as guilty as those who did not use soap. But at the same time, the representatives of the first group were not eager to do good deeds.

However, it should be remembered that even the foamiest and hot bath will not provide the full effect of “brainwashing” and will not give absolute happiness if a person’s soul is unclean.

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