How to overcome postpartum depression?

How to overcome postpartum depression?

How to overcome postpartum depression?

Many women after childbirth are depressed. Getting out of it is not so easy. But using the following tips, a woman can easily overcome postpartum depression.

Taking care of a child is time-consuming.

 But this does not mean that mom should be constantly tired. Therefore, you need to find some time for yourself to do something pleasant. You can find time to get enough sleep, take a bath, listen to music, watch a movie, etc. Ask your loved ones to sit with the baby at this time.

A night of good healthy sleep is what you need most at this time, so try to sleep when your baby is sleeping. Do not force yourself to do household chores through force, but rather devote this time to sleep. Having a good night’s sleep, it will be much easier for you to do household chores, and if you do not have time, ask your loved ones to help you.

How to overcome postpartum depression?
How to overcome postpartum depression?

Take vitamins.  – overcome postpartum depression

Your nervous system especially needs vitamin B and lecithin. Talk to your doctor about which vitamins you should take after birth so as not to harm you and your baby. In addition to vitamins, try to eat vegetables, sprouted wheat, onions, garlic, fresh meat, dairy and sour-milk products. Fish dishes will also be good for you. Apples, oranges, beets, sorrel, carrots contain a substance that contributes to a good mood. Therefore, add these foods to your diet.

While your child is sleeping, have a meditation session. – overcome postpartum depression

Meditation will help you cope with a depressed state without resorting to any help, as well as relax and improve your emotional state.

Walk more often with your child in the fresh air.  – overcome postpartum depression

This will help to saturate your blood with oxygen, improve lactation, improve well-being and mood.

To relax and put your thoughts in order, spend at least a few minutes a day all alone. To do this, you can wake up when others are sleeping, make yourself fragrant tea, sit in a comfortable chair and relax.

In the evening, take a relaxing bath with lemon and lavender essential oils. While you are taking it, ask your husband to sit with the child.

Listen to your favorite music.  

This will help you bring your inner state into harmony, calm down and tune in a peaceful way.

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