How To Overcome Laziness And Apathy?

How to overcome laziness and apathy?

Definitions and tips for dealing with laziness

“How to overcome laziness and apathy?” – This question can arise in every person at a certain period of his life. How often do we don’t want to do something: get up in the morning on an already annoying alarm clock, go to work, do household chores, and indeed there is no desire to perform any actions. What to do in this case?

First, let’s try to figure out the terms.

What is laziness? What is apathy?

What is laziness? What is apathy?
What is laziness? What is apathy?

 In a general sense, laziness is an unwillingness to do anything. This is a very common and convenient excuse for personal inaction.

The interpretation of the term “apathy” is similar to the concept of “laziness,” but has a different substance. This is a state of indifference, indifference to what is happening, which also leads to an unwillingness to perform any actions.

Some psychologists argue that such a thing as “laziness” simply does not exist. Laziness is not the cause of the negative state, but its consequence.

There are a lot of reasons leading to such a state in our time:

• Unwillingness to do something is the result of the fact that the work being done does not bring positive emotions. We don’t like our job – we don’t want to go there.

• The energy crisis is a complex of negative factors: overwork, vitamin deficiency, lack of proper rest.

• Lack of awareness and misunderstanding of the potential outcome. “Why do this?” This also includes the lack of a long-term goal, meaning in life.

Therefore, in order to overcome laziness, first of all, you need to get rid of the reasons that led to it.

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How to overcome laziness: tips and tricks

How to overcome laziness: tips and tricks
How to overcome laziness: tips and tricks

 Help others

Start helping those around you. When we help others, we experience a sincere sense of joy that can compensate for the strength and energy spent on helping. The more often you help, the more you can get positive emotions that will help defeat the accumulated negative.

 Meaning of life

Have you ever wondered why and why you live? Maybe you are dreaming of something, striving for something? In many situations, the meaning of life can become close to people around you: parents, children, brothers, sisters, soulmate.


A prerequisite for laziness and apathy may be unwell. Regular examinations in medical institutions will help identify the causes of ill health, and qualified treatment will help get rid of it.

Goal setting – How To Overcome Laziness And Apathy?

Very often, a state of laziness appears when a person has no purpose in life. Having a clearly defined goal helps to cope more successfully with problems and troubles, and is the best incentive for action. When a person does not understand, does not realize why he should perform any action, it is quite natural that there is no desire to perform it.

“Why go to work?” – “In order to earn enough money, and, for example, go on a trip to a dream country.” Or maybe you want to update the interior in your home, make repairs or please yourself with new things?

Here, thoughts about a favorable future can also work very effectively. Imagine what you can gain as a result of this or that activity. Or maybe thanks to a simple effort on yourself, can you achieve something long-awaited?

Imagine that there was only a step on the road to success.


This is an effective way to overcome laziness. “Is it possible to persuade yourself to perform any action?”. Yes, no doubt. Persuasions, for example, such as: “I need to do this, I have obligations, I have to …” very often lead to the desired result.

An important point here is the speed and frequency of pronounced phrases. The energetic pronunciation of a stimulating phrase will help get rid of laziness as quickly as possible.


Have you ever wondered if you enjoy doing what you do regularly? Maybe you would like to change something in your life?

Laziness, as mentioned above, is an unwillingness to work. If your work corresponds to your abilities and talents, then the result will be much more effective. Very often, negative emotions arise in connection with overstrain caused by engaging in an unloved affair.

Even if, for some reason, you cannot change your type of activity, turn your talents into a hobby. Love to sing – sing: sing at home, away, at karaoke. Love to read – read! Love to write – practice in your free time! This will help improve the emotional background, will contribute to the disclosure of internal resources and internal energy.

 Set clear deadlines – How To Overcome Laziness And Apathy?

If you need to do what you don’t want to do, set aside the period of time that you will nevertheless devote to this task. A sense of urgency also contributes to effective activity. Imagine that you need to do something urgently that you are late with the implementation of your plans. The closer the term, the more forces wake up in us that we might not have felt before.

Another effective way to combat laziness and apathy is a promise made to people whom you simply cannot disappoint with your failure to fulfill the promise. There is a sense of duty, responsibility, and shame.

Limit yourself to pleasures.

Yes, it will be difficult to refrain from watching TV or a tasty treat, but remember that you have not completed any important business of primary importance.

“How to get rid of laziness?” It is a difficult question. The only right solution, suitable for everyone, simply does not exist. Think about what is able to stimulate your activity more; cause a desire to accomplish your task.

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