First time with a new man. How to make it last

How to make it last. First time with a new man.

First time with a new man. How to make it last

As you know, a woman changes not only with age, but also with a new man. This applies, among other aspects, to sexual relations. They are radically different. If you are in love and expect to continue the relationship, you need to thoroughly prepare for the first sex.

In most cases, having sex with a person you like is a pleasure. The main thing is not to go too far.

First time with a new man. How to make it last
First time with a new man. How to make it last

1) Behave naturally – How to make it last

Wanting to make a good impression, we can often wear a mask that you think will conquer a man. After a while, you show your true face, as a result of which a man may leave. If you really are not a passionate lover, temptress, then you do not need to show it.

2) Feel free – How to make it last

Surely a man will want to look at you naked. It’s stupid to pull a blanket over your nose and it’s completely unacceptable to tell a young man that your body is by no means a perfect one and therefore you don’t need to look at it. As a rule, not all women can sit naked at a table after sex and sip champagne calmly. Ideally, the room should have twilight. After all, for the first time, everything is very intimate.

3) play along

This does not mean that you should imitate an orgasm or even admire his failures in bed, if only he would feel good. However, you need to show the man that you want him as well as he wants you. If he will do something that you do not like, about this he needs to be made clear. Do not take the initiative during the first sex from a man, also do not dutifully lie down and expect action from him.

4) Technique – How to make it last

It’s not worth showing for the first time everything that you are capable of. Save your trump cards, they will still be useful to you. Allow foreplay more time. During the foreplay, you can understand what the partner wants and match your desires.

5) Leave beautifully

Do not say that he is the best of all your lovers. Otherwise, the man involuntarily thinks about how many of them you had. It’s also not worth asking “when will you call me” or saying “we have eternal love”.

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