How to lucid dream and How to achieve lucid dreaming

How to achieve lucid dreaming – How to lucid dream

For many people, lucid dreaming is an entirely unknown term but initiates refer to it as one of the most enjoyable experiences.

What is such lucid dreaming? This is a way of dreaming that you are fully conscious of. Surely it happened many times that you had a beautiful dream, but in the morning you remember it badly and after a while you completely forgot it.

Such a dream takes place in your unconsciousness, it seems to you and you only remember fragments of it; you cannot fully control it and you cannot influence its course according to your wishes. Some dreams are too vivid, and you feel fear, excitement, but also sadness, joy and many other feelings. Children can experience dreams so frightening that they wake up with wetting, and it is often the case for gentlemen to wake up with a wet sheet after an erotic dream.

Dreams can be a sensational experience, but they don’t always seem to us, and not always the dreams we want.

However, all this can affect lucid dreaming, the dream you are in a dream, you are fully aware of the dream, and you can do whatever comes to your mind during it. Would you like to eat good food, fly, make love to a woman, travel in time, or kick your boss in the background during a dream? Everything happens at the level of thoughts, just in the head, but you feel it as if you were really experiencing it. Most people sometimes had a lucid dream without realizing it.

Physical experience – How to lucid dream

Physical experience - How to lucid dream
Physical experience – How to lucid dream

All physical experiences consist of sensual interpretations, as well as a sense of solid ground underfoot. All five senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, we feel in our head, and during lucid dreaming, they can all be lived very vividly, even though you are lying in bed all the time. The brain works with familiar experiences, so you can feel the smell of the ocean or the taste of chocolate in a dream even when you are not at the water and you have no food.

One of the most interesting lucid experiences is flying, ie, feeling of weightlessness. It is a sensation that is easy to create for the brain, as we have experienced it throughout our mother’s womb development. You don’t have to be a parachutist to fly, hover or swim in your dreams.

During dreams, it is possible to feel a huge pain, even one of the physical perceptions and if you ever thought that someone would pierce or shoot, so it is necessary to believe that even in a lucid dream can be perceived very vividly.

How to live a lucid dream

From the beginning, it is worth noting that everyone has different inclinations to lucid dreaming, for some, it is more comfortable, but some have minimal talents to it. Whatever your situation, you can help with intense lucid dreams through intense training. Place paper and pencil next to the bed. Every time you wake up, write down what you thought. Always try to focus on details during a dream.

Focus on everything; try to perceive the world as much as possible during your dreams. If you see an inscription in your dream, focus on what it says, how it looks, and so on. You will gradually expand your consciousness as you dream, and you can start enjoying your dreams. If you succeed, nothing will stop you from dreaming about everything you want. You simply conjure it up in your own world.

If you achieve this, you will admit that you will not even want to wake up.

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