How To Know That Girl Is Blackmailing You?

How To Know That Girl Is Blackmailing You?

Some girls resort to blackmail, even though it is not always noticeable. Just while some do it openly, others act carefully and prefer veiled blackmail. This does not mean that blackmailers want you harm. It’s just that they don’t know how to negotiate differently or simply got used to this method of fulfilling their desires. In general, so that you do not fall into the trap, we decided to enlighten you regarding female blackmail.

How To Know That Girl Is Blackmailing You?

How To Know That Girl Is Blackmailing You
How To Know That Girl Is Blackmailing You

1 Requests in the form of cause and effect (“if … then”) – Signs of emotional blackmailing

For example, “if you don’t do it, then I won’t do it” or vice versa. In this case, the girl directly lets you know what she wants, and she also openly expresses what punishment awaits you if her requirements are not met. However, in addition to the aggressive manifestation of her requests, the passive one is also widespread – when a girl tries to speed up the process not by open blackmail and shouts, but, on the contrary, by her silence.

Such blackmail can be recognized without much effort: it is unlikely that threats in your direction will pass you by. Depending on the seriousness of her desire and her intentions, a girl may also begin to partially realize her threats.

The most dangerous thing is when a girl knows all your vulnerabilities well. This gives her the opportunity to skillfully play on your weaknesses, achieving your goal in the vast majority of cases. She can throw threats to you, aimed at your relationship, your work, mutual acquaintances, and even at yourself. For example, she may threaten to leave you or do something with herself.

In trying to get the desired girl, she can ignore your feelings, as she will believe that her demands are fair and completely justify her behavior.

Often you can turn a blind eye to this kind of blackmail, despite the fact that the situation affects you and your feelings. This is done in order to maintain a relationship that you consider close. But in this situation, you must find the strength in yourself to withstand emotional blackmail, and not give the girl reasons to apply it to you constantly.

In addition, if a girl is blackmailing you by harming herself, do not follow her lead, but explain right away that you intend to solve such problems with the help of specialists. To please the whims of a friend or work for the good of his life?

2 Veiled requests – Signs That Girl Is Blackmailing You

Or the lack of a request as such, but the presence of resentment for its failure to fulfill. “How?” – you ask. Very simple. A person is not ready (or unwilling) to talk about his requests, but when he does not get what he wants, he blames his blame on you (like “yes, I didn’t talk about it, but you could guess it myself”). Girls are sure that you should literally read their thoughts .

If this does not happen (and most often it happens), then the girl perceives this as a lack of attention to her person on your part. In this case, she may not scream, do not show any aggression in your direction, but she is still skillful in hurting you. At least with harsh phrases that she is absolutely not important to you and you don’t appreciate her and don’t want to make her life better.

In general, this type of blackmail does not imply scenes and scandals, but, obviously, it confuses you and sometimes even makes you think that you are doing something wrong.

Try to sit down and peacefully discuss with your half the mechanism for fulfilling her requests and desires. Offer to hang lists on the fridge or talk openly about what one of you wants to get from the other. Also try to find out the true motives of her behavior: the phrase “you don’t pay attention to me” may hide another – “you don’t spend as much time with me as I need.”

How To Know That Girl Is Blackmailing You
How To Know That Girl Is Blackmailing You

3 You are accused of selfishness – How To Know That Girl Is Blackmailing You?

In this case, if you refuse to fulfill any request, you may well be called an egoist. Often it sounds like this: “You do not want to do this because you are too stubborn, but because of your refusal I will have to suffer. You only think that you feel good. ” Another form of such manipulation is the phrase “this is for us.” At the same time, words are often heard that really loving guys will do what they are asked.

Such phrases make you believe that you are too fixated on yourself and your needs and do not think at all about what others need. Fear of appearing to be a complete egoist and a desire to prove that you are actually better than you seem to play a big role. In this case, it is necessary to take a short pause in order to analyze your behavior.

Understand whether you are acting selfishly and what this egoism is manifesting in. In making the final decision, try to find a compromise that will appeal to the two of you. Time to be selfish 4 You are blamed Another version of the most common blackmailing method is shifting responsibility onto you. When a girl blames you for her emotions, her behavior, her mistakes and so on.

You can understand that you are being blackmailed by cliche phrases: “You make me behave like a fool”, “Because of you I look stupid”, “Because I spend a lot of time with you, I don’t have time to do work/study/walking with friends, etc. ”. Such blackmail can make you feel guilty all the time. And when you feel guilty about yourself, it’s also much easier to manipulate you.

Therefore, in this case, a constructive dialogue is simply necessary for which you must explain to the girl that she cannot shift her blame onto you.






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