How to get rid of laziness? How to stop being lazy ?

How to get rid of laziness? How to stop being lazy?

How to get rid of laziness?

Probably, it happened to everyone that laziness prevailed over us. Someone may disagree, and say that he is not a lazy person at all, and he never felt the effect of laziness on himself. However, do you not fool yourself?

If you look into the explanatory dictionary, we will see that laziness is a lack of desire to act, work, a tendency to idleness. Laziness is a state of mind of an all-consuming indifference to everything. And since such a condition is at least not fruitful, we strive to get rid of laziness as quickly as possible. True, we do not always know how to do this …

In fact, what is laziness and what criteria does it have? Having understood this, we will learn how to deal with it. There are several fundamental points.

How to get rid of laziness? How to stop being lazy ?
  1. The state of an “empty head or lack of a coherent stream of thought forms. A person always thinks, even in a dream. However, each of us has a state where you think about something like that, but you cannot understand what it is about. This is an incoherent stream of thoughts, which means that we are lazy.
  2. “Shelving.” Everyone caught himself thinking that this or that thing should be done, but there is still time and it can be postponed. However, this once again proves that we were visited by laziness.
  3. A state of weakness and spleen. If there are no objective reasons regarding, say, health, then this is a clear sign of laziness.
  4. “Doing nonsense.” Have there been cases when you understand that it is necessary to do several essential things, but something constantly interferes. What?! A less important, completely unimportant matter, or rather, idleness, which is a clear characteristic of laziness.

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And don’t say that you’ve never been lazy! However, there is nothing to be ashamed of – laziness is prone to all of us. If we do judge by the laws of physics, then any body (including a living one, like you and I), strives to occupy a state with less energy. We have people this is a favorite pose, lying on the couch. But we also understand that there is no benefit from this, and therefore we strive to get rid of it. And here are some tips on how to do this.

  • First ask yourself a reasonable question: “What am I thinking now?” If within 2-3 seconds there is no intelligible answer in your head, it means that you were overcome by laziness, and you need to urgently take up some business that has been put off for a long time.
  • Make it your rule to do everything at once. Do not put off until tomorrow – returning to the deferred business will be ten thousand times harder than doing here and now. This is the essence of man, namely – all the same laziness.
  • If you feel that for no reason weakness, weakness, and sleepyness have come, it is time to be wary: is everything normal with health? If there are no health problems, it means that you just do not want to do anything. And even if you decide to take a nap for an hour or just lie down, then make sure that it is 1 hour – and not a second more!
  • “Engage in nonsense” when there are so many important things, and no one will do them, except for you, can only a very desperate idler. Here you should gather all your will into a fist and break away from the “rubbish” and get down to business!

Here is a little about how to get rid of laziness and prevent our inaction, which is very dangerous both for our physical well-being and mental. Do not let yourself be lazy when you can do so much …

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