How to gain self-confidence

How to gain self confidence: 6 useful exercises

How to gain self-confidence: 6 useful exercises

Uncertainty in themselves and in their abilities often leads a person to collapse. To the collapse of hope, dreams, to the collapse of everything that a person has or can acquire in life. It is self-doubt that often becomes the reason that a person closes in on himself, loses friends, relatives, work, voluntarily becomes an outcast. Without self-confidence, achieving something higher is simply impossible.

Uncertainty can arise for completely different reasons. There may be improper upbringing, and complexes, and fears, and much, much more. However, regardless of the reason for the appearance, each person understands that it will not lead to goodness, insecurity. And then a person begins to fight this negative phenomenon.

How to gain self-confidence? There are many ways, from simple to complex. Let’s talk about some exercises that will help you become more self-confident and defeat this destructive uncertainty and powerlessness.

How to gain self confidence
How to gain self confidence
  • Exercise 1: Choose a popular book or movie that everyone is talking about. On your own, watch this movie or read a book, and try to create your own personal, clear opinion about it. Share your opinion with your friends. Listen, ask, find out their opinion and be sure to voice your own. If you suddenly see that you disagree with your opinion, find a way to defend your opinion and keep it to the end. After a while, repeat the exercise with another movie or book.
  • Exercise 2: Remember the last week or two in your life. Think about how many times during this time you agreed with the opinion of another person, without thinking about your own? Think and write. Then remember what this led to? Think about it. Then ask yourself: what are my goals in life? Do you have goals or not? Or are they, but they are not “their own”? If a person does not have his goals, he follows the opinions of others. Find your own goal in life, for a month, for a year, for five years, and follow it if you want to become more confident.
  • Exercise 3: an exercise based on the previous one. Find a time for yourself when no business will distract you, sit down and write down your goals for different periods of life. Or at least just decide what you want from your future. Of course, at first it can be difficult to set goals, especially if you have never done this before, but over time it will become easier and easier for you to write down what you expect from life and what you strive for. And this greatly develops self-confidence.
  • Exercise 4: Learn to say no. Of course, at first it will be difficult. Therefore, start with situations that are not very important to you. For example, it can be a personal meeting. For example, you are asked: “What time will we meet? Maybe at 6? ” Say, “No, come on at 7.” That is, at the first stage, say “no” in the little things that generally do not affect anything, and then you will be able to refuse and defend your opinion in more serious cases.
  • Exercise 5: Take a break. If you can’t quickly figure out the situation, say: “I will think it over,” and in a calm environment, without pressure, you can understand whether you need what is offered or not.
  • Exercise 6: Just start chatting with people. Believe me, the more points of view you hear, the faster you will realize that there are countless different opinions and relying on one of them is irrational. And relying on each is physically impossible. In addition, you will understand. That people may be wrong in expressing their opinion, so it is very important to have your own view of what is happening. And without self-confidence, it simply cannot be.

Here are some useful exercises for gaining self-confidence and becoming the owner of your own opinion. We hope that our exercises will help you, and you will look at things very differently. Good luck!

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