How to flirt at work?

How to flirt at work?

It just so happens that women like men – and vice versa. Although the latest trends of the time are trying to deal with this, the bulk of people still adhere to traditional principles. Therefore, it is not surprising that you were interested in your pretty work colleague. And if you have firmly decided for yourself that it is time to begin an offensive operation, before that, you better know a few things.

How to flirt at work?

How to flirt at work?
How to flirt at work?

Designate the purpose, why do you need it – How to flirt at work

Do not forget that this is your workplace where you are going to make a career or at least spend a sufficient amount of time. Indeed, if your goal is just some kind of affair for one, a maximum of two nights, then doing this with a colleague is not the smartest option.

To begin with, if you would like to sleep with her and get rid of her, you cannot do this with a person who works with you and has the ability not to get rid of, but to get you to the last.

Another point is that gossip, conversations behind your backs are likely to start, and you and she will be discussing, and this is hardly in the best light. So for an affair, look for someone else. If you are firmly convinced that this is the woman whom you decided to marry, then do not engage in nonsense and also leave the girl alone, do business.

It should be as unobtrusive as possible. – How to flirt at work

Since you still decided to be known as a womanizer at work or if a particular girl sunk into your soul, do it as unnoticed as possible. In addition to saving yourself and her unnecessary gossip, you will not put the girl in an awkward position. In the end, you are not entirely sure of her character, maybe she is shy, even if she really likes you.

And another reason why you need to do this very carefully is that your tokens may be non-reciprocal (unfortunately), which will put you in an awkward situation at the workplace where you still have to work. Try to beat everything so that you have a path to retreat.

Make sure it is appropriate

And what do you know what flirting is? Because if you came up and asked to show boobs – this is either a rude and stupid tackle or a mockery. The easiest way to be with a colleague is a little more polite than with the rest.

A light smile and more is the easiest way to hint a girl that you like her. Don’t worry, women, unlike men, understand all the hints and hidden signs perfectly, and they don’t even need to read a special article for this.

Do not flirt during corporate events or other celebrations

The fact is that the euphoria from this cool evening will pass, the alcohol will disappear, and the memories will remain. And if you did it in drunken superoutburst of any instantaneous feelings, you will surely regret it the next day.

Also, it is not a fact that when all this settles down, and they reciprocate, you will want this flirtation to develop into something serious. Moreover, this will be an extra reason for your beloved colleagues to tease you.

Flirt should not interfere with work, especially yours – How to flirt at work

Since your main function at work is to work. You may not have known this, but the reality is that flirting and other little things will have to be relegated to the background, no matter how you like. Even if you quickly finished everything, you did all the things and freed up early just to flirt with the poor girl.

She also has official duties, which she was hardly in a hurry to fulfill to devote time to you, don Juan. So maybe you are distracting her from work. Not only is she terribly uncomfortable, but also you expose yourself not in the best light.

Why is flirting badly at work

Before you try to assess the situation, you need to know the general mood of your company. If you have every third colleague there is in a relationship with another colleague; then you have a green light: forward and with the song.

But if there is classic corporate ethics that does not imply your romantic affairs, then you will have to tighten your belts in this regard. Still not worth flirting with your boss (boss?). It is clear that you are such a cunning and decided to do everything this way. But this may not work, and you will be fired, and if it does, then your colleagues are unlikely to love you – you are the boss’s favorite.

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