How to Feel Sexy - 4 Ways To Feel Sexier

How to Feel Sexy – 4 Ways To Feel Sexier

How to feel sexy (just do these 4 things)

Accept yourself as you are, without any excuse or excuse. Accept the fact that men will consider you attractive because you are you, without any “but” and “if”.

Do you know the easiest way to get people to turn their backs on you? Or surely push any man away from you? With the help of low self-esteem.

Underestimate yourself everywhere and in everything, and in your attitude towards yourself people will see a message about the following: “You don’t like me, I know that for sure.” And then just look at the reaction of others. You will immediately lose your appeal to them. There is nothing easier.

How to Feel Sexy - 4 Ways To Feel Sexier
How to Feel Sexy – 4 Ways To Feel Sexier

The fact is that our feelings and their projection onto the world is what this world sees us. People feel our energy, see facial expressions and understand body language. They seem to read your mind. And if you are driven by self-doubt or low self-esteem, then others immediately conclude that something is wrong with you.

And after attraction to a man, confidence and a sense of comfort disappear. You really need to be able to look good and feel sexy. If this feeling is not there, then you will never possess the seductive qualities that make men go crazy. The question is whether a woman’s sexuality is a state of her soul or should she learn it herself?

The best answer here is to say that the time has come to learn how to make sexuality a state of mind. And now we are not talking about memorizing a set of standard phrases, selecting specific outfits or playing a role. Everything is much deeper: being sexy means accepting and loving yourself, as well as allowing another person to share this joy with you.

When you decide for yourself that you are sexy and want to please your man, he will immediately feel it. It feeds on this energy, and your closeness becomes noticeably better. You two are tuned to the same wavelength. You are no longer bothered by your appearance or what your partner will think about your naked body. You just enjoy the moment, which is what lovemaking requires.

Thus, the key to success is to feel sexy, and everything else – sexuality itself, sexy outfits and a sexy look – comes next. Feeling sexy, you don’t have to pretend. You are who you are, and with all your words and actions you allow your boyfriend to “get closer” to you.

Below we will look at 4 ways to feel sexy and get rid of this awkward, shy and “virgin” personality that keeps men at bay or attracts the wrong guys.

1. You do not have to love yourself, but you must accept. – How to feel sexy

How to Feel Sexy - 4 Ways To Feel Sexier
How to Feel Sexy – 4 Ways To Feel Sexier

I know it’s hard just to take and say to a person with low self-esteem: “Love yourself!” But the task is greatly simplified if you accept who you are. That is, stop pretending and pretend that you love yourself, if in fact it is not.

You need to accept yourself and come to terms with it. Over time, you will learn to love yourself, and now just accept the fact that some things in yourself cannot be changed. And these, as a rule, are not shortcomings, but merely limitations and individual features.

Perhaps sometimes they seem to you to be flaws, but if such traits really make you suffer, then it’s time to stop fighting them and try to accept them.

You are you. Accept this and allow yourself to feel sexy, despite everything that seems flawed to you.

2. Stop pretending to be Jessica Rabbit. Better try to relax. – How to feel sexy

If you are nervous, but still trying to seem seductive, then you need to relax. Experiences and attempts to make this unpleasant energy work for you will not help. This will only show the man that you feel compelled and embarrassed.

The best thing you can do is try to relax and relieve stress from your partner. When you are in a good mood, and you again take control of your thoughts, breathing and blood pressure, only then you can take your next seductive step.

The problem is the ability to let go. Even couples are often advised to “turn off their phones, get out at the hotel for the weekend and just disappear for one night.” What for? Because if you are tense and distracted by something else, you cannot relax and enjoy the intimacy.

3. Do not try to compete with other women. Let him appreciate you. – How to feel sexy

How to Feel Sexy - 4 Ways To Feel Sexier

If women understood that they did not need to compete with each other at all, and that men did not at all pursue perfection. They do not need you because of their exceptionally beautiful body or skills in bed. You attract these men by the absence of pretense. You are simply a unique and interesting personality that they want to know better. Therefore, do not bother trying to be the best.

Feel sexy, realizing that a man wants “just you,” and no other woman can compete with you, because on this planet you are one of a kind.

He wants you because he is fascinated by your unique chemistry, body, face and personality. You have already sent him your “sexual” signals, even if this was unintentional. Just keep being yourself.

4. Do not overdo it. If in doubt, treat yourself to something!

And the last – do not underestimate the power of entertainment. Feel sexy by being kind to your body and mind. Treat yourself to a hike with a spa, whether it is taking a jacuzzi, massage, peeling, manicure or pedicure.

If you like more adventurous activities, go hiking or go to a bar with friends. A good attitude towards yourself will help you relax and increase your self-esteem. – How to feel sexy

Accept yourself as you are, without any excuse or excuse. Accept that some men (more precisely, many men) will consider you attractive because you are you, without any “but” and “if”.

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