How to enjoy life to the fullest?

How to enjoy life to the fullest?

How to enjoy life to the fullest?

To live happily and enjoy every moment of your life, you must unconsciously do everything on the machine, and not overcome yourself by doing the right thing, but uncomfortable for you. It happens that failures occur in the automatic mechanism, then you need to understand yourself and switch to the so-called manual control.

How to enjoy life to the fullest?
How to enjoy life to the fullest?

Let us single out a number of stages that you need to go through in order to feel happy at the very moment of life, here and now.

1. Return to yourself. – How to enjoy life

Self-awareness is where you need to start. We are arranged so that our mind is constantly busy with various problems, plans and those around us. Because of this, an enduring feeling of anxiety arises and our brain is constantly busy with it. In such a situation, it is necessary to abstract from the problems of others, that is, return to yourself, mentally get together and understand that there is only me and no connections with anything and with anyone. It is very difficult to achieve such a state and stay in it, because the problems and anxieties associated with them will constantly remind yourself, trying to bring you out of balance. All this must be ignored.

2. Recognize your positivity. – How to enjoy life

So, we have passed the previous stage and nothing disturbs us anymore. Now you need to pull out all that is positive that you have at the moment. Awareness of good features in itself plays the role of fuel, giving confidence in oneself and one’s strengths. Feel how satisfied you are with yourself, enjoy this state.

3. Realize the positive and negative points. – How to enjoy life

When we returned to ourselves and realized our positivity, we begin to analyze the environment around us (these are not only the people around us but also thoughts, actions, problems). The task of such an analysis is to realize what causes us positive emotions and what does not like us. What we like, we remember, discuss and live it, and what we don’t like, we ignore, we try to throw out of life, forget.

4. Control over the “sweetness”. – How to enjoy life

“Sweetness” is what helps us survive difficult moments. For example, some people “jam” their failures or problems. It is very difficult to get rid of “sweets” if it takes possession of you, and it necessarily takes possession of you, because there is nothing sweeter than “sweets”. You need to understand that such pleasure is false; it is empty. Only real, real pleasure gives a feeling of lightness and serenity. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the “sweetness”, as it leads to a dead end.

5. Realize how time is running.

5. Realize how time is running. – How to enjoy life

So, we have already gone through four stages. We remove panic and vanity from our actions. We have already realized the negative that worries us and what needs to be changed in the near future. And what prevents us from taking a step right now, because the seconds of life run irrevocably Fear or sweetness? We eliminate everything and take the step we need.

6. Be yourself.

6. Be yourself. – How to enjoy life

Do not play any roles; be yourself right now. And you will immediately feel light, as any game takes a lot of strength and energy.

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