How to develop your imagination

How to develop your imagination: 15 easy ways

How to develop your imagination: 15 easy ways

What is imagination? There is still no definite answer to this question. It is believed that imagination is the ability of consciousness to create images, representations, ideas and manipulate them. Imagination plays a huge role in modeling, planning, has an impact on creativity, human memory and other components of the human personality. Therefore, imagination is one of the most important human abilities.

How to develop your imagination

Imagination is the basis of visual-figurative thinking that allows a person to navigate in a situation and solve problems without the direct intervention of practical actions. Absolutely all people have imagination, but how developed their imagination is, is another matter. Scientists have noticed that people with a more developed imagination are more successful in life, it is easier for them to solve disputes, find solutions to stressful situations, show or restrain emotions, regulate their cognitive processes (perception, attention, memory, speech), etc. etc. Therefore, each of us should develop this ability in ourselves and our children. And here are some useful and easy ways:

How to develop your imagination
How to develop your imagination
  • Choose a poem that you like, and you remember by heart. Use its last line as the first line of your own poem.
  • Write what you would say to the uninvited guest who came to see you at three in the morning. Preferably, without obscene words.
  • Where do you go when you want to take a break from family, work, etc.? Write a short essay about this place.
  • In 400 words, describe the ideal place where you would like to live. Any word processor like Word can help you count words.
  • Write a short essay about the most difficult decision you have ever made and the easiest one.
  • Create and write a short story that begins with the words: “Once I had the opportunity … but I missed it.”
  • In 200 words, describe your first toy. Unless, of course, remember her. And if not, then come up with this very toy.
  • Write a story about an empty glass. Any story of how much you have enough imagination .
  • Write two letters. One letter to his past self, and the other to his future from himself.
  • Remember the most boring day in your life. Describe it, but remember that your story should not be as boring, but should be interesting and very exciting.
  • Write an article with 500 words, starting like this: “If I could change something, I would change …”. Do not spare your imagination.
  • Write a story about a blue subject.
  • Imagine being in a room full of people, but you are the only blind person in it. Write down how you see the room and the people in your imagination.
  • Make a list of everything you fear. Choose one fear and write about it.
  • Write about what dishes you would treat the worst enemy.

These are such light, semi-comic, semi-serious exercises that will help not only to develop imagination, fantasy and memory , but also to get rid of their complexes, fears, disappointments, and understand their own internal component. The main thing is to perform these exercises regularly, and do not put them off until another day. Good luck!

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