How to Determine What Kind Of Relationship You Need

How to Determine What Kind Of Relationship You Need

If the relationship with the girls still can not develop – perhaps it’s not a bad karma, and that you just do not really understand what you want. Together with the dating sites we will tell you how to decide what you need from communicating with the opposite sex and what type of connection to choose.

How to Determine What Kind Of Relationship You Need

How to Determine What Kind Of Relationship You Need
How to Determine What Kind Of Relationship You Need

Want to be sure of your exclusivity

If it is important for you to be sure that only two of you are in a relationship – you are in monogamy. This is a popular type of relationship in our society, and all because it is the most socially approved. Due to the fact that culture and mass media promote monogamy, many perceive such relationships as the only possible and correct ones by default. However, this is not so, and loyalty must also be discussed.

Monogamy is good because it is the most predictable and stable type of relationship. It is easy to feel confident in it, because the partners have an agreement that they do not consider other people in a romantic or sexual way.

Cons: To maintain intimacy in a long-term monogamous relationship, you need to make an effort.

Sex with one partner seems too monotonous

A common problem in monogamous relationships: partners become predictable for each other, and everything in their couple, even sex, turns into a routine. To prevent this, people agree to an open relationship. In them, partners can sleep with other people. But what is very important – it is only about sex.

Emotional intimacy is permissible only between two people. They remain a priority for each other and perceive other connections only as a way to diversify intimate life.

Another problem that this format of relations allows to solve is the mismatch of the libido of partners when one sex is needed once a month, and the other three times a week.

An open relationship is possible only with the full voluntary consent of both partners. Otherwise, it is a banal betrayal.

Cons: meaningless sex can always grow into something more. You must be able to accept the fact that your girlfriend is sleeping with someone else.

What Do You Really Need in a Relationship

There is a close and attractive person nearby, but you don’t need a relationship

I accidentally slept with a close friend, you liked it – consider that the beginning of a friendship with privileges has been laid. This is a good opportunity to get emotional support and satisfy each other’s sexual needs without complicating everything.

In such a relationship, it’s very important to understand that you both don’t want something more and neither of you are in the friend zone.

Cons: Given that you already have emotional affection between you, sex can complicate your relationship. Keeping friendly borders will not be easy.

Need extreme predictability

Those who need to control everything should try a contractual relationship. An agreement between partners can be not only marital and concern a variety of things: how you distribute joint expenses or household duties, what you do in the event of a quarrel, how much time you spend together.

Such a contract does not have to be legally certified – in fact, this is your way to agree on all the nuances and make relations as comfortable as possible for both.

Cons: no contract will give you complete confidence in a girl if you have confidence problems.

You are able to feel for several people

If you believe that you can experience feelings (and not just sexual attraction) for several people – perhaps polyamory is the type of relationship that you need.

Polyamorous partners immediately announce that they are important to each other, but not exclusive. Unlike open relationships, all connections here are serious and significant. About such a relationship told the Dude comedian Alexander Dolgopolov, who for some time lived with two girls at once.

Cons: in relations with even one partner, there are sometimes many difficulties – imagine how many of them are in polyamorous connection. In addition, a sense of ownership and jealousy sometimes make themselves felt.

What do i want in a relationship?

How to Determine What Kind Of Relationship You Need
How to Determine What Kind Of Relationship You Need

Not ready to share my life with anyone else

Perhaps you are not interested in relationships in this period of life: not ready to get attached, a lot of difficulties at work or in other areas, preparing to move. At the same time, you still want to have sex or just spend time with a pretty girl. For this, people came up with sex without obligation. The main thing in it is to immediately tell the girl about your intentions.

Cons: it’s easy to forget that a girl owes you nothing too.

As soon as you enter into a relationship, you feel miserable

I met with dozens of girls and it’s not that; as soon as the relationship enters a stable phase, you want to run; you don’t really understand if you really need someone. If all these feelings are familiar to you – perhaps the only person with whom you should find out and create healthy relationships is yourself.

Try to refuse for a while any close contacts with the opposite sex, whether it be sex or flirting. Focus on your feelings, desires, and priorities. The clearer you understand what you want, the more likely it is to get it.

Cons: yes what are the cons – you were left alone with the most important person in your life!






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