How to deal with stress at work

How to deal with stress at work. How a person cope with stress at work

One of the main factors in getting a stress at work is overstraining. It appears because of the excessively high demands placed on the employee. Systematic occupational stress leads to a variety of diseases and even mental disorders. A person’s interest in work disappears, the number of days spent on sick leave increases, and even absenteeism appears at all. This leads to low labor productivity and overall employee inefficiency.

Deal with stress at work

Deal with stress at work
Deal with stress at workDeal with stress at work

Nervous exhaustion appears in people of various professions, but people are more susceptible to it, whose professions are associated with intensive communication and assistance (teachers, doctors, etc.). The stress factor for most employees is poor safety, danger to life and health, conflicts with superiors or subordinates, too fast or slow career progression, lack of help and support from colleagues, physically difficult working conditions, etc.

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Long-term stress has a rather negative effect on the body. The level of cholesterol rises, the heart rate increases; the respiratory rate decreases. A person often begins to drink alcohol, smoke. There is dissatisfaction with work and life as a whole.

Cope with stress at work

How to deal with stress at work
How to deal with stress at work

To combat professional stress, it is necessary to attract a specialist psychologist to the company, who will provide advisory assistance to employees. As a result, productivity will increase and the number of conflicts will decrease. In addition, there are many other ways to deal with stress. First of all, it’s an eight-hour sound sleep, daily exercise in the morning, massage, chatting with relatives and friends, going to the cottage, in the woods, reading good literature and a variety of breathing exercises. Water procedures (bath, pool, bath) are of great benefit.

As the Chinese doctor Shen said: “Among sorrows, joys, anger and grief, people give up easily. Too much excitement harms a person. Our ancestors spoke faithfully, when the vase breaks, it will be too late to take care of it. A person always needs to look to the future when making important decisions.” 

It is better to protect yourself from the occurrence of nervous exhaustion, in spite of all the troubles, do not lose optimism and continue to work, helping yourself and others

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