How to deal with rudeness: keep dignity

How to deal with rudeness: keep dignity

How to deal with rudeness: keep dignity

We are all different. There are calmer, more educated people who will never be rude and will not say bad words. But there are others who, if they do not like, can be rude and naughty. And the point is not even the lack of education or moral values, but the point is their ardent temperament and restraint. They say that they are louts.

To clarify, we in no way want to say that being a boor is good. On the contrary, one should get rid of rudeness in behavior. However, what if rude and rude not us, but us? This is another question. The main thing is to maintain dignity.

There are many different ways to respond to rudeness, but in all of these methods, the main rule is to save face. I mean, not to be like a boor, but to be above all this. Here are some tips for responding to rudeness:

How to deal with rudeness: keep dignity
How to deal with rudeness: keep dignity

Ignore it. – How to deal with rudeness

This advice is well suited for those who have strong nerves. Just do not pay attention to the boor and his rudeness, and he will stop being rude to you. Silently listen to the impudent and go about your business. Tell yourself mentally: “This situation does not concern me. What he screams is his problems. ”

“Hypnotize” him.

What does it mean? This means that you begin to speak slowly, in a low, as if uterine, and quiet, quiet voice, looking directly into the interlocutor’s eyes, and the interlocutor will also begin to do the same and slow down the pace of speech and slow down his pressure.

Be calm and firm. – How to deal with rudeness

Even if you are wrong, you should not make excuses to the boor. Just agree that you made a mistake, state this fact. Moreover, do it calmly, and without reacting to rudeness.

Do not give bear power over the situation. 

Show him that you will not tolerate rudeness in your direction. For example, if a boss is rude, and you can’t avoid it, remember that you are not forever chained to this person. You always have the right to choose – do not be afraid to use it.

Surprise your opponent.

 Perhaps the boor expects you to answer him with rudeness too. And you, in turn, will surprise him, let your reaction be neutral or even positive (“Perhaps you are right, we’ll solve everything now”). This will disarm him and silence him.

Beat the giveaway.

Simply put, agree and make concessions. For example, telling the rude boss “Thank you for pointing out a mistake, now I can fix it,” you will also get rid of rudeness in your direction and preserve your dignity.

Sense of humor. – How to deal with rudeness

It will help you in this case too. A simple phrase may well disarm the boor: “I am ready to discuss this problem with you in my free time. When will we meet so you can take me to a restaurant? ” Of course, there is a sense of humor in situations where they understand him.

Speak out .

If the insult still touches you for a living, do not hesitate to say so. The main thing is not to blame the offender for the answer, but loudly, without bluntness, describe your feelings. If there is a bit of politeness in a hamovy subject, he will stop being rude to you further.

Here are some tips for responding to rudeness. The most important thing if you are facing rudeness is not to get lost. Always be confident in yourself and do not show your “weakness” to people who do not know how to behave with dignity, are rude and rude. If they see that you are lost, embarrassed or afraid, there is a risk of becoming their eternal victim. But you didn’t want this … I wish you success and fewer boors on your way!

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