How to change your life for the better and find happiness

How to change your life for the better and find happiness

Useful tips from psychologists on how to change your life for the better and find happiness. This can be done in just 4 steps:

  • To understand what you want,
  • Put thoughts in the right direction,
  • Act and not retreat even in case of failure.
  • Everything is possible!

“All! Enough! Tired of it!”- More and more often, your train of thoughts takes just such a turn? Are you tired of this standing swamp and taking anger for your own weakness and powerlessness? So, the time has come to change your life for the better, to become in this world someone and something more than you are now. Many people wonder how to change their own lives, and even find the answer, but they get stuck at the stage of empty dreams, never moving on to actions. It won’t work with you, right?

Concretize your desires

 If today your dream of a country mansion with columns, tomorrow – of a handsome husband with a million fortune, and a week later – of a flight to Mars, it is unlikely that you will manage to change your life and achieve at least one of your goals. Yes, the fact of the matter is that this is not even a goal, but just an empty dream – vague and unclear, which tomorrow will be replaced by another beautiful picture in your mind. So, let’s see step by step,

How to change your life for real?

How to change your life for real?
How to change your life for real?
  1. Determine for yourself what exactly does not suit you in your current situation: find out the reasons for your dissatisfaction. Why is everything wrong with your life? What do not you like? What would you like to change?
  2. Take a piece of paper and write on it those problems that stand in your way and prevent you from moving forward. Is the list too large? It’s okay: we’ll filter it out now.
  3. Reread what was written and divide the problems into two columns: large-scale and small. The first group may include problems such as shared housing with parents, life with an unloved man, low salary, three-digit number on the scales. In the second group, I advise you to identify such requests as a golden ring, a vile girlfriend, a dumb boss and everything else that can wait or that does not depend on you.
  4. From your global problems, identify 2-3 the most significant and clearly articulate them using the words “I want …” and “I need …”.
  5. Now think about what you need to do in order to realize your goals.
  6. Write a small business plan for the implementation of your most desired goal: today I will do it, tomorrow, then, the day after tomorrow, something else. And remember: now every day you have to be filled with content to realize one big goal.

This will fill your life with new meanings, each of your minutes will be lived for something, and not for nothing, as before. This is an absolutely unusual feeling when everything in your life is subject to a single goal – to make your life more happy, successful. You will learn how to plan your actions, thereby leaving no place for idleness and laziness, which kill and drain the soul. But writing is not enough. You also need to believe that you can do it. And for this you need to know how to change your life by changing thoughts, desires and dreams.

Change your mind

You must admit that a lot of bad things in your life are due to your own self-indulgence when from scratch, grasping at one single thought, in which you yourself were completely unsure, you painted terrible pictures and began to suffer from them.

Here are the most common thoughts that most women wear out:

  • He does not love me.
  • He’s He’s cheating on me.
  • He will leave me.
  • I am fat.
  • I am not pretty.
  • I am a problem.
  • I am a bad mother.
  • The boss hates me and many others. other

Familiar phrases? Now think what they look like? After all, these are the most real attitudes, auto-training, which makes our consciousness work specifically for these fixed ideas. And how many times a day do you think this thought? twenty? fifty? It seems so to you! Psychologists have found that people scroll their complexes up to 250 or more times a day. Naturally, these phrases imperceptibly for you to become obsessive thoughts that tailor everything that happens in your life. Now is the time to return to the topic of our conversation: how to change your life?

Get rid of the negative attitude – How to change your life

Get rid of the negative attitude - How to change your life
Get rid of the negative attitude – How to change your life

First of all, clean your own brains: throw away all these negative attitudes.

1. Thoughts about the beloved

If you can’t free yourself from the intuitive feeling that your loved one is cheating on you or chilling you, stop torturing yourself with painful suspicions and painful doubts. Do you want me to guess that it has occurred to you more than once to launch an eavesdropping device on his phone or to hire a detective to find out how your beloved behaves when he is far from your radius of action? It’ sIt’s time to throw all this nonsense out of my head: just talk to him. And if there are no results … Well, then one more thing will have to be added to the list of global problems: “I need to part with this person.”

2. Thoughts about work

If you are bitten by thoughts that you are a complete loser, that your boss is a stupid goat, and your colleagues are a bunch of monsters, quit immediately. Or force yourself to exceed the monthly plan, to please the boss with a flowering look and good results at work. You will see that everything will change. Tune in to positive, fall in love with your colleagues, and the situation at work will improve.

3. Own complexes

First, love yourself for who you are. Even all their 120 kg. You live, someone loves you, a blossoming world is around you, and you are its decoration. If possible, set a goal to destroy your complexes one by one through self-hypnosis or with the help of psychologists. Do not let yourself get hung up on the same thought. It’s better to eliminate the cause right away, but don’t think about it.

4. Go to action

 Having cleared your own thoughts, it will be easy for you to think only about the goal for which you are striving. In your head in large gold letters, there should be a wording of your desire, from which not only your thoughts should work from now on, but all actions should be aimed at realizing the desired. The power of thought is, of course, good, but remember the principles of a happy life that will help you change your life for the better and achieve anything:

Principles of a happy life – How to change your life

Principles of a happy life - How to change your life
  • positive thoughts;
  • healthy eating;
  • full sleep;
  • friendly attitude towards others;
  • movement, drive, constant self-improvement – both physical and moral;
  • playing sports;
  • love and sex.

All this will allow you to move forward, to see the final destination of your happy destination. And on the way to it, those metamorphoses that you so longed for will occur. And after some time, it yourself will seem surprising to you that you did not know how to change your life and become better. But here the goal is achieved, you are at the peak of happiness, everything is fine, but … After the euphoria, you find that the gold letters no longer burn in your head, because you have reached the final destination. What to do next?

Do not stop there – Keep Going

Well, then everything is very simple. It’s time to recall the piece on which you so long ago, in that gray and empty life, wrote your global goals. You have completed only one of them. Is there really nothing more to strive for? Perhaps now you will write a completely different list, and this is not surprising: after all, your life has changed, and with it your thoughts, values, requests, and desires have changed. Now they will surely become clearer, clearer, and you will need much less time to implement them since the basic principles of a happy life have already been learned by you.

In order not to stop there and constantly be in motion, try to adhere to the following rules:

  • constantly learn something and somewhere: will it be training courses or an educational institution – it does not matter;
  • learn to give what is abundant in you, without regret;
  • love sincerely others and yourself;
  • never lie to anyone, and above all, to yourself;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • control your thoughts and emotions.

Agree that changing life is very simple. Stop torturing yourself with unnecessary suspicions, excruciating doubts and engage in self-discipline. You are the one and only, only one life has been given to you, and only you can make it bright and beautiful. Now you know how to change your life and rise to new stages of your being. Just start, try, and you will not be able to stop. Altitude will give you lightness and the feeling of flying, after which you can no longer walk on mortal land.

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