How Not To Become A Loser

How not to become a loser

Probably every person more than once in his life was annoyed by troubles and felt that today was not his day. For example, I was late for the bus, and the next one will be only in an hour; criticized the boss just at the moment when he entered the office; right in front of the nose bought the goods that are urgently needed now, etc.

It happens that such failures follow one after another. It is generally accepted that the “black line” has come, which should soon be replaced by a more positive white.

But sometimes there is a feeling that this streak of bad luck stretches endlessly and is unlikely to end.

The main problem is not the severity of the incidents themselves (usually these are not the most serious troubles), but their annoying constancy.

How Not To Become A Loser
How Not To Become A Loser

Some people are convinced that this will always continue and that they should not expect anything good from life. In psychology, this is called loser syndrome. Such people have almost no friends (and this once again convinces them of their fatal bad luck), since it is unpleasant and difficult to communicate with them.

How Not To Become A Loser

Losers constantly feel sorry for themselves and feel inferior. The reason for their problems, in their opinion, is that they had poor parents, they did not receive proper education, where they live, it is impossible to achieve something, etc.

In this way, you can justify your inaction, and find the causes of your problems outside yourself.

The loser’s favorite pastime is bitter complaints about his heavy share. This fascinating process gives him pleasure, he does not even try to look for other reasons or make efforts in order to change something for the better. Even if everything in his life is not so terrible, he still sees only the bad.

For additional evidence and confirmation of his evil share, the loser likes to compare himself with other, often more successful people, instead of engaging in introspection.

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