How Not To Annoy Each Other In Quarantine: Quarantine Relationship Advice

How Not To Annoy Each Other In Quarantine : Quarantine Relationship Advice: Top 5 activities that will strengthen relationship during the quarantine.

Why in self-isolation we often break down at the closest person, accusing him of all mortal sins?

Having gained speed and competing with the outside world, we have long been thinking big. In recent years, many have become unaccustomed to solve small household issues. It is much easier to pay for a nanny, housekeeper, designer, and everyone who helps to fulfill our desires and ideas about a “happy”, successful life.

The quarantine paused activity and its very easy to annoy each other unintentionally. And now, each of us is rapidly passing through the stages of awareness of a new reality: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, finally, acceptance. The lack of the habit of calling a spade a spade causes confusion. It’s hard to say: “I’m scared for my parents” or “for the lack of the usual income”. To admit that there is doubt during the quarantine, but “will I not disappoint my partner” or “I will not be disappointed in my own choice”? This is why it is important to know How Not To Annoy Each Other In Quarantine.

Quarrels usually begin to be domestic in nature and yes, If you build a dialogue on the essence of experiences, there will be no quarrel. There will be a real meeting and an interesting acquaintance with loved ones.

How Not To Annoy Each Other In Quarantine: Quarantine Relationship Advice
How Not To Annoy Each Other In Quarantine: Quarantine Relationship Advice

Always honestly ask yourself: “What bothers me at this very moment? What will help me improve my mood right now? How well do I know myself before I make a complaint to another? ” How not to turn a showdown into a real scandal? What is absolutely impossible to do or say to the second half in conditions of self-isolation?

Under any circumstances, you need to keep a reference to your inner mood and your feelings. Do not react quickly and do not apply the saying “the best defense is an attack”! Usually, people shout at each other because they do not have time to track either fear or excitement. These are two very close feelings. In fear, they usually either run and attack (shout or beat) or freeze (they are scared and silent).

You can’t categorically condemn a partner (“you are not ready for difficulties” – you cannot be 100% ready for them), blame the situation (it’s impossible to expect from him), put the stigma of a coward or a wimp (at first the person may get confused, and then show your best qualities, so do not rush to conclude). In classical literature, the recommendation was often made: “The wounded must be cured, and then to figure out whether it is worth staying with him.

How not to annoy each other in quarantine? Top activities to strengthen relationships.

1. Admit to each other that they will have to be annoyed. This is normal.

2. To agree. It is very crucial to agree with things to strengthen relationship during the quarantine

3. Do not encourage quarrels. For example, if one of the partners starts, you can choose a gesture or a word that will stop the fight at the very beginning. In the film “Meet the Fockers”, the main characters had the word “desman”. Fun and unusual.


1. During time of quarantine , Read the same text or book and discuss the material (leaving the right to different points of view).

2. Dating Games during quarantine: Alias ​​are great options for two or a large family.

3. Domestic game “Talk?”

4. Watch films, series, interviews together. As well as viewing old photos and videos.

5. You can start taking new photos or videos. In short, look for what is common between you, and not different.

The main thing is to emphasize the relationship correctly. When the needs become clear, you can enjoy both the cleaning and the romantic dinner.

How to share household responsibilities and how not to annoy each other if one of the partners is unemployed and the other works remotely?

1. Sit at the negotiating table and agree.

2. Honestly, to each other, those responsibilities vary as well.

3. Very clearly, down to the record, say what is important to anyone and in strength.

4. Do not compete or compete, but help each other whenever possible. Do not wait to be asked if you need help, but specifically ask for it if necessary. No one can read the thoughts of another person.

5. Specify the exact hours of distance employment. Ideal – to show the family that you are going to work (even if this is just another room), preferably not in home clothes.

How much time per day or per week should partners spend separately?

Each person has his own idea of ​​distance. You can sit on the same couch and be essentially far apart. There is bodily distance and emotional. Sit down and discuss who suits you. An easy game will help:

1. Become opposite each other (face to face).

2. Start considering a partner (from hair color to slippers).

3. Start diverging in different directions and as you move away speak out loud who feels what. One partner can stop in a step, and the second can close in the bathroom. So you can understand your capabilities.

What if you just date?

How Not To Annoy Each Other In Quarantine: Quarantine Relationship Advice
How Not To Annoy Each Other In Quarantine: Quarantine Relationship Advice

So you want to say that this quarantine made you move in?

Not at all. Adults decided to try to spend a difficult period together. Relationships are not only about sleeping and eating together. It is also to clean, wash, wash the toilet. This is about the desire for intimacy. If people “escaped from fear”, they will run away just as quickly. Especially you can not think about money. Human frustration is much worse than financial issues.

How will help to diversify an intimate life in quarantine?

Under conditions of compulsory (and quarantine is not a process of one’s own free will), pastime sex rarely becomes a major problem. The partner mustn’t confuse that the lack of communication may not have any relation to him personally. If you spend all the time on the Internet and look for disturbing news, the excitement will remain in the vast social networks. And this situation is the time of experiments. You can slowly study your body and your partner, sensations and reactions.

It’s time to love, not surprise and run headlong. Get to know yourself and those around you. The human world is much more interesting than any travel.

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