How Does Women Sexuality Changes With Age

How Does Women Sexuality Changes With Age

How Does Women Sexuality Changes With Age. The sexuality of a woman is truly a great divine gift. It should be used and enjoyed. Any age.

The sexuality of a woman is truly a great divine gift. She fills her with happiness, allows her to experience the unique experience of conception and motherhood.

Sexuality brings special beauty to life and “colors” the world in new colors. She is like the scent of a wonderful rose, which beckons, pleases and brings happiness.

And this is not a time bomb, which you need to be afraid of and not to touch. On the contrary, sexuality should be used and enjoyed as the greatest gift of heaven.

If a woman knows how to cherish, appreciate and develop her sexuality, how to remain a real woman – she knows true happiness.

Thanks to sexuality, life is enriched with new experiences that bring joy and pleasure. A woman realizes the whole depth of such a thing as fidelity and constancy.

You can try to study your sexuality, compare its features with those that are inherent in a particular age.

And one should not despair if it suddenly seems that “something is wrong.” Firstly, we are all different, and secondly, any difficulties can become an impetus for awakening your sexuality.

It’s not too late to develop sexuality at any age. There is simply no age limit for sexuality.


1. Romantic period: 16–25 years. – How Does Women Sexuality Changes With Age

How Does Women Sexuality Changes With Age
How Does Women Sexuality Changes With Age

This is the time when a girl discovers sexuality. She comes on every date with the hope to better understand her emotions and feelings, to reveal her sexual potential.

During this period, she is still inexperienced and naive, because she is under the influence of childhood and youth experience.

Therefore, during this period, the girl is looking not only for adventure, so that it is fun and joyful, but also a sense of security, security.

The most important characteristic of this period is romanticism. It is natural to idealize a loved one, embellish and think out reality.

The psychology of this milestone consists in a combination of two components: on the one hand, the girl is eager to find out and discover her possibilities, and on the other, she is waiting for her prince on a white horse, dreams of meeting the one who will love and awaken her sexuality.

2. Creative period: 25-38 years – How Does Women Sexuality Changes With Age

How Does Women Sexuality Changes With Age
How Does Women Sexuality Changes With Age

This milestone in the life of women is also called the period of stabilization of emotions. A woman already knows her body and needs better. Therefore, she wonderfully understands what needs to be done in order to achieve harmony.

She already knew strong feelings. Now a woman has a new goal – to add a touch of creativity to her sexuality. At the same time, she continues to open herself and her partner, does not run away, but on the contrary – opens to meet her feelings and preferences.

35 years is a kind of milestone for a decision. After all, “the biological clock is ticking.”

If the previous stage of the development of female sexuality went without serious cataclysms and emotional injuries, then this woman is happy. She continues to discover the world of sexuality, enjoys freedom and follows her desires.

3. The sensitivity period: 38-47 years. – How Does Women Sexuality Changes With Age

When a woman approaches the fortieth anniversary, the moment of truth comes. After all, now she should be clearly defined in what relations she is, whether she has achieved harmony within herself, whether her desires correspond to her needs.

Thoughts on motherhood gradually recede into the background. Instead, thoughts of desire, pleasure dominate, but often, new fears appear.

A characteristic feature of this period is the revision and reassessment of all their values, and first of all, of themselves as individuals.

A woman is trying to achieve harmony and peace in everything. She is already self-confident, radiates strength and calm. By the way, numerous studies show that it is in this age period that a woman for the first time experiences the highest pleasure from intimacy.

But the sad irony of life is that just at the same age for men everything happens exactly the opposite – their sexuality is on the decline, problems begin …

Interesting fact. There is a myth in our society that only youth can be attractive and attractive. Our culture is a culture of youthful and resilient.

It is understood that if the first wrinkles appeared on the skin, and early gray hair appeared on the head, then the “party ends.”

But this is complete nonsense! In real life, the older a woman becomes, the more sexually attractive. And this happens for certain reasons.

Of course, your hair is not as thick and silky as before. Yes, and cellulite with a “grown” stomach has not yet adorned anyone.

But remember what made you attractive in your youth. After all, it was burning brown eyes, a sense of humor, an incredible smile?

So all this has not disappeared. Use on health. By the way, many men believe that over the years a woman becomes only more physically attractive to them.

4. The period of reflection: from 47 years.

These four years are truly key, because they determine which woman will enter one of the most beautiful ages – her 50th birthday.

She begins to think about her family life, in which she invested so much strength and energy. Did she get joy and pleasure? How to make relationships strengthened?

Now partners are approaching a new milestone in their relationship. Those who were strangers to each other and lived for the sake of children scatter. And the rest are working to give the relationship a new meaning and significance.

In anticipation of her 50th birthday, the woman again returns to the search for sources of her femininity and sexuality. But she does it calmly and wisely – with the help of deep inner self-knowledge. She needs to realize again who she is, what she wants, how she feels, and so on.

Indeed, during this period, the level of homons in women begins to decline. But this does not mean that proximity can be forgotten. It is not true! By the way, as well as the statement that intimacy at this age becomes boring and monotonous.

Naturally, the libido decreases slightly, the period required for arousal is lengthened, and some predictability is also affected (given that some women have lived with one partner for 10-20 years), but all this does not mean that the game is over!

In fact, intimacy is always magnificent and brings joy. And age has nothing to do with it.

A man in years can compensate for some age-related changes with his experience and a better understanding of what a woman wants. Moreover, now the proximity can last much longer.

Many women really bloom at this time. Partners simply do not recognize them. But this is for the better: you can open each other again and again. The main thing is trust and emotional closeness.

With age, the understanding comes that all conventions and prohibitions are simply ridiculous. Therefore, many couples begin to experiment and discover new “horizons” of pleasure. By the way, those about whom in their youth they did not even dream!

So drop all hesitation and doubt. Do not be afraid to grow up, do not be afraid to grow old. All these are the natural milestones of each person’s life. And each of them has its own joys and privileges.

Love each other, enjoy each other! Always!

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