How Do Zodiac Signs Behave In A Bar

How Do Zodiac Signs Behave In A Bar

They say that the best way to get to know a person better is to drink a couple of glasses with them …

They say that the best way to get to know a person is to drink a couple of glasses with him …

How Do Zodiac Signs Behave In A Bar
How Do Zodiac Signs Behave In A Bar

How Do Zodiac Signs Behave In A Bar

Do you know which signs of the zodiac tend to sing in the bar all the way, and which prefer refined bohemian meetings?


Aries after a few drinks of alcohol begins to behave very directly, especially with women. However, the focus on the ladies does not prevent him from entertaining everyone around him, now and then letting go of funny jokes.

Aries woman is heard loudest in the bar. She asks everyone to repeat the drink and leaves a generous tip to the musicians playing her favorite compositions.

Taurus – How Do Zodiac Signs Behave In A Bar

Taurus prefer to own their own pub, which is not uncommon. And if this is not so, then the representative of this sign probably has favorite places where everyone knows him well. He gathers musicians near his table, leaves a good tip.

Taurus women love to walk and sing, and therefore an ideal option for them would be a restaurant on the river bank, where there is karaoke.


If you go to the Gemini bar, then a fun evening is guaranteed. And it does not matter who you are – a couple, friends or just acquaintances. Men born under this sign are irresistible: they sing, dance and really have fun with all their heart.

Twin women always surround themselves with a company of young people and have fun like children.

Cancer -How Do Zodiac Signs Behave In A Bar

Although he loves his home and family more than anything else, his favorite Cancer bar is his second home. There is no other place in the world where he can relax with a drink with friends, sing, dance and have fun until morning.

Cancer Women like to dance, especially Latin American dances. And when they want to relax, they gather friends and go to the bar.


The king of fun, dancing and parties, Leo can organize anything in his favorite pub or restaurant, where everyone present greets him at the entrance, and the waiters argue for the opportunity to take him to the table.

The attractive and provocative Lioness will first look around, appreciating the local atmosphere. She rises to the dance floor with her head proudly raised, catching the appreciative glances of the other visitors. And then she begins to dance, realizing all her irresistibility.


These men are always so polite, decent and restrained. After several servings of alcohol, when the atmosphere becomes hot, the representative of the constellation Dev begins to pay for orders. And when everyone gets tired, he opens a second wind. He may even climb onto the table and begin to sing and dance.

The Virgo woman can be no less incendiary. But the next day, it would pretend that it was not her, but her twin sister.

Libra – How Do Zodiac Signs Behave In A Bar

As a gentleman and hedonist, a man born under the sign of Libra cannot live without gatherings with friends in his favorite bar (or the most expensive restaurant). He insists on paying the bill himself, monitors the fullness of the glasses and pays the musicians.

The sophisticated representative of Libra loves to gossip with friends in an elite restaurant and enjoy live music in the bar, where she can stay until the morning. If she has fun, she does not follow the time at all.

How Do Zodiac Signs Behave In A Bar
How Do Zodiac Signs Behave In A Bar


Elegant, loud and attractive to the opposite sex, Scorpio loves spending time in bars, pretending not to notice the coveted glances from the outside.

A Scorpio woman chooses a bar or restaurant where she can either drink or not drink at all. She likes to flirt with influential and wealthy gentlemen, because not everyone is suitable for her as a boyfriend.


Sagittarius loves bars, especially modern ones and located in the city center, where famous people “hang out”. He can start and maintain a conversation on any topic, but still does not lose control of himself, while maintaining his composure even after a few drinks.

The Sagittarius woman gets along well with both men and women, and knows how to have fun in any public place. She likes to visit different and new restaurants or bars.

Capricorn – How Do Zodiac Signs Behave In A Bar

A Capricorn man who looks cold outwardly, as a rule, if he starts to walk, he walks until the morning. Those who do not know him closely enough simply do not recognize this person.

There is a belief that Capricorn women work forever, that they are arrogant and restrained. But in reality they know how to relax with friends in a bar over a glass of red wine. They like music and they don’t hesitate to go out on the dance floor and dance.


Whenever he comes, he is always welcome. Aquarius sees the house as a place to sleep, and the bar as a place where he has everything he likes: alcohol and flirting with women.

The Aquarius woman can have fun with her friends at the bar until dawn, while her beloved plays computer games at home.


This man likes to spend time with friends in a bar because he knows who and what he drinks and what music he prefers … He feels good, and he behaves as if in another world created in his imagination.

Fishes women like secluded places, unusual food and drinks, and men who will satisfy all their desires. These women are real masters of seduction.





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