Habits That Make Life Worse

Habits That Make Life Worse

Each of us performs automatic actions, which hinder be truly productive and relax.

These are actions that we do without hesitation. They consist of our habits, impulses and routine. We’ll talk about how this behavior harms your productivity and how you can fix it and control it.

Habits That Make Life Worse

Habits That Make Life Worse
Habits That Make Life Worse

You respond to messages in instant messengers and SMS immediately

Online communication assumes that you are always available to everyone. And for most of us, this is already default behavior. Even in the case when you receive a message that does not require an instant response, you still feel that you must reply immediately. The habit of instantly responding to all messages does not allow you to be truly productive. To get rid of the default behavior, you must set the wait time. Most people do not discuss or set a time frame for receiving an answer.

What is more important – SMS or a message in Telegram? Is it really necessary to respond to work chat messages immediately? Change notification settings at least in instant messengers. You can mute the sound in certain chats and get rid of the constant pop-ups. This will help you to be sure that you will not be delayed by the next discussion of any issue at a time when you do not want it. At the time when you are trying to be productive and doing something.

Your inbox is always open – Habits That Make Life Worse

When you see how the number of letters in a mailbox grows, you are surely drawn to cleaning mail and reading the necessary. Responding to emails is a productive business. At least that’s what it is. But if you look into the eyes of the truth, such behavior (again default) does not allow you to perform important work well. Email checking is almost never one of the most important things on a to-do list. Take the habit of picking up your mailbox in batches, instead of forever tracking incoming emails. Allocate a certain period of time during the day to check mail and send replies, if necessary. This will help maintain a good concentration at work and increase your productivity.

Monitor social networks throughout the day

Probably, many decided for themselves that spending time on social networks is a waste of time. Well, unless you do the work there. However, understanding the time wasted does not prevent people from constantly entering them and checking for updates. After all, I want to keep abreast of news, see new memes, like the new ava of a beautiful girl from bookmarks. Even when they are not open with you constantly, you look through them throughout the day.

And of course, in the morning you have it instead of breakfast. It is worth considering how the default behavior on social networks fits into the framework of your life values. Is it really so important to be on the topic of memology? Will you suffer if you see new photos of a friend later than everyone else? We believe not. You have things to do at home and at work, which are much more important than these little things.

By changing your angle of view, you gain a starting point in order to change the default behavior. Put core values ​​at the forefront – and you can leave applications unattended throughout the day. If you have any difficulties, install the application with a time limit spent on social networks.

Leaving a bunch of open tabs – Habits That Make Life Worse

There are so many tabs that it is already impossible to click on them with the tip of the mouse cursor, and somehow they have become a new list of your affairs. Instead of doing what you need, you leave it for later, and then again for later, and in the end you have a bunch of tabs in which you can get lost. A huge number of tabs negatively affects performance: you not only have to look for the desired tab, but there is also a risk of being distracted and sticking to something. Clean during the day. Do you clean the table after having breakfast? Here you need to do the same. You need to clear the workspace, including open tabs that are no longer needed.

You have too many productivity apps – Habits That Make Life Worse

If this is about you, it means that you treat productivity with fanaticism. Many helper applications may seem effective and increase productivity, but you can see well-hidden multitasking in this. We do not say that such applications do not help, but to think that each of them by default improves productivity is wrong. Focus only on the tools that are needed to perform specific tasks. And remember that performance is determined by your behavior, not by applications. The point of good performance is that you do the right thing at the right time. And for this, as a rule, not many applications are required. Pay attention to all the installed tools and ask yourself which of them really help you. By sifting, leave only those that you are absolutely sure of.

Habits That Make Life Worse
Habits That Make Life Worse

You loop in multitasking – Habits That Make Life Worse

We talked about it above. Multitasking is a killer of productivity, that’s a fact. And this is again the default behavior. You check your mail and respond to the message in the messenger, simultaneously correcting errors in the work report. You can’t do this. Show due respect to work, focus on one task. Doing a bunch of things at the same time, like a human multi-hand, you accustom yourself to be distracted. As a result, you will spend more time on tasks, and the results will leave much to be desired. Do you consider your business important? So it deserves your full attention. No need to spray.

You are always in touch, and after hours too

In today’s world, it’s hard to get distracted and unwind, because we constantly feel that we must be in touch at any time. Yes, what do we feel there – we just do not know how to turn off smartphones and the Internet. Because of this, we do not spend time with family and friends fully. One vibration – and you’re on the phone. And if he is silent, then you will definitely begin to monitor social networks.

People who cannot psychologically disconnect from work get tired of it more and cannot find a balance between work and personal life. Set boundaries. You need to understand that your availability for communication at any time is an unhealthy trend. You need to change your behavior and thinking. At the end of the day, turn off all notifications from work chats. Turn off your phone while you are meeting with friends or family. At the end of the day you need to exhale. Think about something else besides work and really rest.






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