Fun Facts About Orgasm - women orgasm

10 Fun Facts About Orgasm – Things You Never Knew

10 fun facts about orgasm

Forget about the complexes!

We all know that orgasm is a feeling of great satisfaction that occurs during sexual intercourse. From the point of view of physiology, it is the moment of getting rid of the accumulated pleasant tension.

And although we know a lot about what an orgasm is, there are even more things unknown. One of the most watched videos about orgasm has collected more than 10 million views. In this video, writer and science journalist Mary Roach talks about the most unusual things that are the objects of study in the field of sexuality and are directly related to reaching the climax of sexual intimacy.

In 2008, Mary, with her book Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, entered the list of 10 best and most recommended best-selling authors in the United States.

Fun Facts About Orgasm - women orgasm
Fun Facts About Orgasm – women orgasm

10 fun facts about orgasm

  1. Being in the womb, children can masturbate.
  2. To achieve orgasm, it is not necessary to stimulate the genitals.
  3. Achieving orgasm is possible even after the death of a person (if you stimulate a point in the coccyx, where the root of the sacral nerve is located, for example, by the influence of electric current, this is likely to lead to orgasm).
  4. Orgasm can lead to bad breath.
  5. Orgasm can relieve hiccups.
  6. At the beginning of the 20th century, doctors prescribed an orgasm as a means to increase fertility.
  7. Danish farmers continue to stimulate pig orgasm. To do this, they even have special posters and videos.
  8. Female animals reach orgasm more often than we think.
  9. Studying an orgasm in humans in the laboratory is a very difficult task …
  10. … but this is definitely an exciting experience.

Mary Roach talked about how she interviewed a woman who claimed that she was getting an orgasm from just thinking about him. Mary asked: “Can you demonstrate this right now?” To which her interlocutor replied: “Wait while we finish our lunch!”. And then on a park bench she demonstrated how this happens. This type of orgasm is better known to science as cerebral or ASMR (autonomous sensory meridional reaction).

The literature describes the orgasms that led to touching the knee, rubbing the eyebrows or … brushing your teeth. These cases suggest that we can enjoy not only the usual, but also in thousands of other ways. You just need to be prepared to experiment and try something new.

More fun

In the meantime, we offer several ways to help you get more pleasure from sexual intimacy:

  1. Do not turn lovemaking into something monotonous. Be creative and come up with new things that will please you two.
  2. Talk with your partner about what you like and what not. It is very important that you not only make love, but also discuss it with your loved one.
  3. Study yourself first. If you know your sexual side well, you will know what you like and what not. Forget about old myths and taboos.
  4. Remember that there are no rules in sexual intimacy. The only important thing is that you and your partner feel at ease and be one whole.
  5. Read about sexual intimacy. This will help you expand your knowledge in this area.
  6. Do not forget about foreplay. This is the basis of a good and pleasant intimate relationship.
  7. Do not do anything that does not like or causes discomfort. Discuss this with your partner.
  8. Pick up a moment for making love when you two are relaxed and in a good mood.
  9. Forget about the complexes. Each body has its own flaws. Sensuality and eroticism consist of a thousand things: the ability to watch, kiss, caress. Feel free in your body and just allow yourself to dissolve in pleasure.


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