Finding Love In The 21st Century – PRINCE ON A DIGITAL HORSE

PRINCE ON A DIGITAL HORSE: Finding Love In The 21st Century

About how online life is intertwined with real, only the lazy did not say. We are online 24/7: where are the best hangouts? – on our Internet. Where are the best purchases? – On our Internet. Where are boys and girls looking for true love? There … probably?

Online dating has long ceased to be something unusual, and the days when more words are sent than spoken aloud are also familiar to many. We send to friends pictures of funny cats and mom – powders from the supermarket with the question of which is better to choose. Someone writes detailed reports about their days off, someone is limited to a brief #cool_weekend. And it’s good if there is anyone to write to. And if the finger hangs for a long time over the “send” button, because, well, no one? And where do these people get to know, on the Internet? There are two most obvious options: social networks and dating sites. And if in the first it’s easy to get confused among avatars with superheroes and seals, then the second is worth exploring in more detail.

SWIPE RIGHT, SWIPE LEFT – SHOOTING – Finding Love In The 21st Century

SWIPE RIGHT, SWIPE LEFT - SHOOTING - Finding Love In The 21st Century
SWIPE RIGHT, SWIPE LEFT – SHOOTING – Finding Love In The 21st Century

The mission of dating sites is obviously hiding in the name – to create convenient conditions so that people can get to know each other (that’s a surprise!). Moreover, most sites and applications are not just a set of users divided into M and F and “I want friendship / relationships / sex”. The sites during registration provide detailed profiles so that the user can briefly and briefly tell about himself and make it clear what he needs. The list of services offered is growing every day. One of the most popular resources of Tinder selects accounts of people with similar interests for the user, and Badu, who is disgusted from blogger’s ads, makes it possible to find people in the immediate vicinity.

Dating sites are always a moment of intrigue and a bit of a game. We go into the network to catch a piece of spiritual warmth, and then we want to feel the warmth of someone else’s hand. And between this is a long search and selection process: whom did the system choose for me? will he like me? and he to me? Nevertheless, the attitude towards dating sites is often biased. And very in vain. Why are dating sites good?

  • An opportunity to find a person according to interests . Do you think no one is fond of knitting in extreme conditions? And here is a lie. Here it is, 5 kilometers from you. Swipe right, don’t miss it!
  • There are no borders – you set them yourself . You can start chatting with a friend from Ecuador, or look for someone who misses in a nearby coffee shop.
  • Shy and stammering is your way out . There are no painful blushing and stuttering in correspondence – but there is always time to think over and rethink what is written. And in some resources the message can even be deleted, so the word is sometimes a sparrow.
  • Salvation from loneliness . Not a replacement. Not an imitation. And real communication, not only through words through the mouth, but by letters through the keyboard. And the person who is waiting for the incoming icon is also absolutely real. 


MOM DOES NOT APPROVE OF DATING SITES - Finding Love In The 21st Century
MOM DOES NOT APPROVE OF DATING SITES – Finding Love In The 21st Century

And dad does not approve. Because there are only scammers and perverts! And another million and other stereotypes about dating sites. We will analyze the most popular and find out what is true of this, and what you can easily forget about.

  • Too good to be real . This is how you communicate with a person, you pour out your soul into letters-friends, and he is a fake. And a photo from the drain. The situation, unfortunately, is real, but only for low-grade small resources. For example, dating application has verification of profiles according to 4 parameters: photo, phone number, mail and social networks. You can cheat, but it’s difficult, but is it necessary? It’s easier to create a page in Inst, leaving RusDate to those who are really looking for communication.
  • This is all for fun . And the beat of the heart when +1 comes, make-believe. And talk until the morning make-believe. And the first video call for fun. Yeah. So what if you don’t see each other live? On the net, we fall in love not with appearance and not with the voice, but primarily with the thought that they are flowing through letters, and with the part that a person wants to show us. 
  • Only the money they want to pump out of you . And they will deflate if in real life you give out the pin code from the card and the password from all accounts to the right and left. True? Are you telling everyone, even the cashier? Not? Then do not behave yourself in the network like that, and you will be happy. 
  • Here you are texting, and he has five of them . … carcass. Nearly. Alas, there are enough bastards everywhere: both in the network and in real life. And how to escape from them? But no way. Try and search, burn and learn. Who said it would be easy? And playing in a full safe mode, even in the Sims, is already uninteresting.


So what to do? On the run to download the right app or in the old fashioned way, girl, and your mom’s brother-in-law there ..? We aggressively recommend listening to yourself and your heart, and not to listen to anyone else. And us too (but still download the application. The attempt is not torture!)

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