5 female traits that really attract men

5 female traits that really attract men

5 female traits that really attract men – according to science

Those very cases when the appearance fades into the background …

Men love with their eyes, but it would be wrong to say that they notice only external attractiveness in women.

The list below is based on the opinions of men expressed in several studies.

So, here are five scientifically based traits that men find attractive in women.

5 female traits that really attract men
5 female traits that really attract men

1. The inclination of the head – Female traits that really attract men

Researchers have found that tilting a woman’s head down can make her more attractive to members of the opposite sex.

In this study, men were shown photographs of women taken from different angles and during different phases of their menstrual cycle. Scientists have concluded that men find more attractive those photographs in which the head is slightly inclined, as well as those in which women are in the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle.

Researchers emphasize that these factors only affect the perception of beauty, but are not strict conditions for female attractiveness.

2. A love of risk. – Female traits that really attract men

According to a study at the University of Alaska, men (as well as women) find certain types of risky behavior very attractive.

For example, men (like women) will certainly appreciate the ability of a representative or a representative of the opposite sex to climb mountains. But the desire to drive a car with a seat belt not likely will not make an impression.

3. A sense of humor.

3. A sense of humor – Female traits that really attract men

Women love funny guys, but as it turned out, men also like funny women. Research shows that “sense of humor” is one of those traits that people want to see in their partners.

But as soon as researchers began to study this topic more deeply, they found that men more valued in their partners the ability to laugh at their jokes than to joke themselves. While women want partners themselves to have a good sense of humor, and at the same time well perceive their wit.

4. Emotional openness.

4. Emotional openness – Female traits that really attract men

The study showed that people who possess this quality acquire special attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex.

This quality is the ability to share your emotions with others, which makes them more understandable in the eyes of others. Scientists believe that men are usually attracted to those women whom they consider understandable to themselves.

During this study, men were shown videos of women of different temperaments. And it turned out that the fair sex, which men were able to “read” well, had a greater emotional appeal for them.

Scientists believe that this understanding activates the reward center in the brain, which forces a man to choose in favor of such a woman.

So, it turns out that the path to a man’s heart lies through his brain. Your emotional openness can make a man a pretty strong impression.

But this does not mean that for this you need to stop being yourself. Never betray your feelings and thoughts, since the impression that a fake person makes on others quickly disappears.

5. The most important factor is the personality.

5. The most important factor is the personality – Female traits that really attract men

For a man, beauty is more than just beautiful skin and hair. Positive personality traits – this is the factor that has a decisive influence on the perception of men.

During the study, men were divided into two groups and asked to rate women. But one group had to make an assessment based only on appearance, while representatives of the second group also paid attention to personality characteristics.

The results showed that the second group of men as beautiful identified women who had the most diverse appearance and physique. While men from the first group chose women of only similar appearance and shape.

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