9 Fears About Building a Healthy Relationship

9 Fears About Building a Healthy Relationship

There can be many reasons you are still alone. Someone sins on the lack of attractiveness, someone on their own complex character. Think about it: maybe the thing is the fears that live in your head and with an enviable frequency destroy your chances of love. Here are a few phobias that you need to get rid of in order to finally get a healthy relationship.

9 Fears About Building a Healthy Relationship

Fears About Building a Healthy Relationship
Fears About Building a Healthy Relationship

1 Are you afraid that your partner will find someone better than you – Major Fears That Kill Relationships

If you are wondering if you can be exchanged for someone else or not, then there are only two options: either you do it for a person and your relationship is not enough, or you simply suffer from self-doubt. There are two effective solutions to the two most common problems. In the first case, you should analyze your relationship and understand what you are doing wrong.

Perhaps you are too quick-tempered or often cling to your partner because of trifles. In the second scenario, you have to work hard: gaining self-confidence is not so simple. But working on this is definitely worth it because the relationship will not last long if you consider yourself not good enough for your loved one.

2 Are you afraid that the bad scenario of the past relationship will happen again

In the past, many of us had a toxic relationship that brought us a lot of pain and discomfort. And some people, for fear of repeating this scenario of relationships, begin to completely avoid contact with the opposite sex. Or, on the contrary, they flirt, but exactly until the moment when the matter comes to the official proposal to start dating.

If you survived a toxic relationship or betrayal, this does not mean that your new girlfriend will play the role of your ex. It all depends on you two: if she is set up for a long-term and comfortable relationship, and you do not intend to make the same mistakes, then everything will turn out well.

3 Are you afraid that you will settle for less than what you are actually looking – Building a Healthy Relationship with Fear

For Expectations from a loved one is generally a separate topic for conversation Each of us wants something better for ourselves Just a beautiful girl will not work – you still need an economic, modest, non-mercantile (well, and further down the list). If you have high expectations from your partner, it is logical that in the near future you may be disappointed.

You should not automatically sweep away a person you like if several of his qualities do not match your list. Most often, the very qualities that you want to see in your loved ones are not at all the ones you really need. You cannot know for sure what will be better for you. So try it – meet different people and indulge your fears less.

4 Are you afraid that the relationship will end – Building a Healthy Relationship with Fear

It is reasonable to note that few people manage to find their love the first time – many take months or even years to understand that a person who seemed to them to be the ideal contender for living together, in fact, does not suit them.

And after parting, it’s logical to recover and try again. Only in this way can you find a partner with whom you will never want to leave. And the fear that your relationship is not for long can really destroy even the strongest couple.

5 Are you afraid that you will be hurt – Most Common Relationship Fear

Unfortunately, this happens to every person at least once in a lifetime. Guaranteed to avoid this is impossible, even if you decide not to start a relationship. The way out of the situation is to direct our forces not at restrictions on communication, but at ourselves. For example, establish personal boundaries, do not let others treat you disrespectfully, indicate what actions you are not going to endure in a relationship.

6 You are afraid of responsibility – Building a Healthy Relationship with Fear

Long and serious relationships can often lead to marriage, adulthood, and having children. You yourself understand what a big responsibility this is. Therefore, perhaps you are afraid of relationships.

But you have to understand one thing: your fear is stealing your future from you. As long as you and your partner know how to build a dialogue and solve problems by discussing them, you should not be afraid that a burden of responsibility will fall on one of you, which you will not be ready for.

Fears About Building a Healthy Relationship

7 You are afraid that you will stop loving your partner

And this happens in life: a few years ago you swore to each other in love, but now you can’t get along with each other. Well, or one of you met a more suitable person.

None of us wants to build relationships in order to quickly disperse and start all over again with another person. All you have to remember: there are people who know how to avoid fleeting loves in order to preserve love for many years. Just try to do the same if you really feel that your loved one is dear to you.

8 Are you afraid that you will get carried away too partner

So it usually happens … at the beginning of a relationship. You spend time almost every day together, walk, arrange romantic surprises for each other. You both analyze messages from each other, cling to little things, and feel like you’re obsessed. It goes away as soon as your relationship settles down. Unless, of course, you give them a chance to develop.

9 Are you afraid that you will die alone

And so you are struggling to find a mate. Of course, if your main goal is to get a person with whom you can stop feeling lonely, then go ahead. Just know that, most likely, nothing long-term and serious from your relationship will fail. At least because in the beginning, you will turn a blind eye to shortcomings that you will not be able to put up with in the future.

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