Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

69 Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Girls love to hear cute little things from their boyfriend, so it’s important that you know what to say. This article will give you some good ideas about Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend that will keep her on your good side.

Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend over text

I used to close my eyes and see nothing but darkness, but now I see the bright light of your love.

Time stands still whenever I am near you.

You know how magnets have a magical way of attracting to each other? That is how my heart feels when I am with you. I simply can’t explain the attraction I am feeling.

How do you look so beautiful all the time? I know it’s not natural because every other girl in the world isn’t half as pretty as you.

Are your parents bakers? Because you are sweet as pie!

When I first met you, I saw perfection. When I realized that you had flaws, I fell for you even more.

I don’t understand how a girl as amazing as you could actually be real.

I always know you will make my day better.

Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend
Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

I am glad we are born in this era of smartphones, computers, etc. Otherwise, I would have to perfect climbing the wall outside your window just to get in touch with you.

My life started when you walked into it.

Cute Things to say to your girlfriend to make her happy

Last night I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars.

When you meet my eyes and you have that sweet smile playing on your lips, I feel weak at the knees.

I saw you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect, and I loved you even more.

In a garden that is filled with roses, you are the most beautiful of all.

My favorite thing to do is come home to you at the end of the day!

I wish I were an octopus so that I would have more arms to hold you and more hearts to love you.

I want to spend eternity gazing into your beautiful eyes.

Is it hot in here or is it just you? – Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

My soul is like a bird singing to your soul and telling it how much I love you.

Looking into your eyes is like gazing out upon the most beautiful sunset God ever made.

If loving you was against the law, I’d be happy to spend the rest of my life in prison.

My love for you gives you me more strength than anything else.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend in the morning

If my life was a puzzle, you would be the final piece that makes it complete.

I feel fireworks in my heart every single time I kiss you.

A lot of people are scared of dying or drowning, but I am not scared of either. Instead, I am scared of losing you.

You give this dress a new look – you’re mind-blowing beautiful.

You are the reason I believe there is a heaven. – Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

You look drop-dead gorgeous! Let’s not go out today!

If you listen to my heart, you’ll be trying to find yourself.

How do you look so beautiful all the time?

When I close my eyes, I see you. When I open my eyes, I see you. There is nothing I can do without thinking of you.

If it were up to me to rearrange alphabets, I would keep U and I together.

A kiss from you will always be the sweetest thing in my entire world.

The moment I set my eyes on you, I said to myself, Oh My God! It’s either this one or no one.

Never ask me if you look fat again. Because to me you are and always will be my perfect type!

Our love is so strong, the world will still feel it when we’re dead.

You´d better direct that beauty somewhere else, you´ll set the carpet on fire.

Something about you makes my heart beat wildly every time I see you – and I love the feeling.

The world’s best painters could gather for a thousand years trying to create the picture perfect woman, and they still wouldn’t be able to capture your beauty.

Who knew I would be an organ donor so early in life? I already gave my heart to you.

Until my dying day, I will find reason after reason to keep you by my side.

If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say, I love you.

Sit down and give those legs a rest. You’ve been running through my mind all day.

I love the way the sun shines down on your hair, the way it sets the twinkle in your eyes and kisses your lips…

The fires of hell would be better with you than all of the happiness in heaven if you weren’t mine.

I am always so sad when we have to say goodbye to each other.

Sadness has no place in the world when I am with you. It’s like your smile can rid the world of hunger, and your laughter can cure depression.

The sad fact of life is: People will always come and go. But, I can promise you right now that I am never going anywhere! I will always be here to support you when you need me. I promise.

I always hated those people who seemed to be so clingy and attached to each other. Now, I realize that it is the best feeling in the world.

I keep falling deeper in love with you every day. – Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

I am throwing a tear in the ocean. And I will only stop loving you when you are able to find that tear.

They say love is kind; they say love is sweet; they say love is unimaginable and indescribable, but they never told me that love is you.

I sent an angel to look over you at night. The angel came back a minute later, and I asked it why. It told me that Angels don’t watch other angels.

The worst part about going to sleep is that I can’t spend time with you.

I pray that God gives you all my share of happiness and gives me all your share of pain. I never want to see you sad. Ever!

When you are not around, I feel gloomy and sad. I can’t even breathe properly without you.

I love the way your skin feels so soft when I run my hands over it.

God must love me very much; He sent the most beautiful angel to earth for me.

Sweet things to say to your girlfriend to make her cry

I love you, As I have never loved another or ever will again, I love you with all that I am and all that I will ever be.

The doctor took an x-ray of my heart and almost fainted. He asked me what happened with a scared look on his face. I told him don’t worry, I gave my heart to you. That’s why it is missing.

[Whisper in her ear] I could hold you forever.

You have the key to my heart. – Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

God is such a show off. He sent you to make all of the other women in the world jealous.

You must be a dictionary because you add meaning to my life.

I would be content with my life if it stopped today. I will always know that you have made me the happiest I will ever be.

I need you, [Name], like the roses need the rain. Like the poet needs the pain. I just can’t live without you. My body and soul are yours.

My best friend asked me to describe you in one word the other day. I was about to say love when I said life and realized my heart was doing the talking for me.

You make me want to sing my heart out every day.

I tried rearranging the alphabet, but for some reason, U and I would never separate.

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