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30 Best Ways on how to get Dates Offline and where to get dates

Over recent years online dating has become very common. And almost everybody seems to be trying it out these days. You might think it’s an easy process than wondering how to get dates offline. But the truth about online dating is it comes with its own cons. Not just the risk of security but there are very high chances of you end up feeling disappointed and frustrated again and again. Online dating isn’t always ideal for everyone.

While trying to get date online without getting distracted from actual life, I think everyone should probably consider dating offline.

Hence, I am going to share a few ultimate tips on how to get dates and to actually make it happen.

1. Simple Goal

Let’s start with a simple goal. The goal of making new friends, meeting new exciting people. Don’t put yourself into too much pressure. Lookout to find a great friend first and then see where things lead along the line.

2. Say Hi

Be Friendly as you are. Don’t be shy. Commit to saying “Hi” first. I would suggest setting a small goal of saying hi to at least 5 people a day. If it’s too overwhelming, then start with one and then work your way up as you gain confidence. 

3. Smile

Always greet with a smile instead of awkward eye contact. Everyone looks better with a smile.

4. Remind yourself to be open

Always be ready and open to meeting new people. No matter where you are. You should be as approachable as a happy tail wagging dog.

5. Dress nice

No matter where you are going always be appropriately dressed and be well groomed. Even if you are running out to get milk or bread. You might end up meeting your someone special at a grocery store. But also make sure you are not overdressed. 

6. Be interested

Be interested in others and ask a lot of questions. That’s how great conversations start. Be involved in knowing what others like, what they don’t.

7. Start with Basic

To get to know someone starts with their general life. Find out what they do, what things they enjoy and don’t fancy much as you do. Find a common interest. Start with basic. Don’t jump directly into their personal life. 

8. Afraid no rejection

Don’t be scared of rejection. What’s the worst that could happen to you? Might someone laugh at you? Will you make a fool of yourself? That’s very unlikely. And who cares! You have got nothing to lose. Just look for another one. 

9. Don’t rush

Just because you are attracted and much interested in someone from the start does not mean others think of you the same way. So, going slow is a way to safety and successful outcome. Don’t rush into anything. Give your new friend enough time and space they need to get comfortable with you.

These little shared tips are essential, and you might find your ideal offline date this way. Let’s talk about where you can meet new people

10. Join a social/ singles group in your area

If you don’t have such a group in your area or want something different, start your own. Reach out to your single friends or people who might be interested in the same thing. Start with the small and build. Of course, there are a lot more people out there like you. And it has the possibility of becoming a successful business along the line.

11. Host a “White Elephant” party for singles

The main idea of this party is that everyone who had been invited must bring a single friend, preferred the opposite sex. And you can ask them to attract more friends like chain system. This way you can increase the numbers for your party. This is a great idea to meet more people in one place.

12. Join a social/singles group in your area

Check out the listings from the newspaper, yellow pages or online websites like Meetup, Eventbrite, etc.

13. Meet and greet events

Check out the “Local Happenings” sections of your newspaper. Find out about the events that seem interesting to you and go. You can always carry your friend to make it little fun or go solo. But keep in mind to meet at least one new person when you go there.

14. Go to a dog/pet park

You can look up for pet meetup events online. There are monthly dog breed meetup events or any other pets you may have. Mostly you can use your cute pet as a lure at places like shopping areas, malls, parks, sporting events, etc.

15. Go to the bar

Yes. The bar may not sound the best place to meet and socialize with new people. But most of the time people at the bar are friendly. Enjoy the drinks and music and company of new people. don’t rule out any place where there is an opportunity

16. Join the activity clubs

Find out and join the clubs in an area that interests you such as books, astronomy, public speaking, gardening, art, etc. 

17. Go to Shopping places

Go to the shopping place usually in the opposite sex’s department. You can ask a stranger for help in shopping for your friend or relative. Do not stalk for too long. Approach humbly and ask for help. 

18. Go to bookstores, libraries, video/movie stores, Gaming place

Go in the sections that interest you. Approach someone and ask for their opinion and recommendations and see what develops!

19. Find singles magazines or newsletters in your area

You can always find the local mailing lists and make new contacts. This way you might find someone who is interested in you.

20. Try out adult education class

Attend conventions, trade shows, garage sales, and auctions for things that interest you. It is the perfect place to talk to new people because that’s what it’s all about!

21. Workplace

The workplace can be a great place to find a partner. Many people have met their soulmates this way. Perhaps it will happen for you also. But first things first. Make sure you are aware of the employers dating policies and always use the discretion. Be active and friendly person at the official events. Let your selective job co-worker know that you are looking for someone. Maybe they will introduce you to new people.

22. Go to family events

Go to all those family events like cousin weddings, reunions or birthday party events that you have been invited to. Most of us try to avoid those awkward family conversations. But go for it. Socialize with familiar people. Try to talk about the fun topic and have fun.  

23. Art events

Attend different art galleries and museums. Go to their new art place opening events or functions. Around such art places, there is culture, creativity, and huge dating potential.

24. Join a professional organization

Make sure you go to various events hosted by professional organizations and maybe offer volunteer help to people with their work. Working for the same cause, the same project can be a fantastic way to get to know some new people. 

25. Join a fitness club or casual sports groups

This type of clubs covers a large variety of sports like golf, ski clubs, sailing, fishing, softball leagues you might be interested into. And do’t hesitate to join new groups just because you have never done it before. Every experience is an opportunity to learn something new. 

26. Join yoga classes

If there’s one exercise class that everyone has heard about, it’s yoga. There are currently around 36 million practitioners of yoga in the United States. If you have never tried yoga, then it is going to be a unique experience. You can meet people there and share experiences.

27. Travel groups

If you love traveling, then you should consider searching for travelers group. Search the newspapers or online community groups. There are so many organizations which arrange trips or local events for trekking, hiking or hang out at the beach. 

28. Spiritual, Religious groups

If you are into religious things, find out the place with events with a religious gathering, check whether they have any meetings that intrigue you. 

29. Music, Rave and Theater Performance

If you are a music lover like me then see a live band or go to EDM music festivals, or you can always go to play, the orchestra or maybe classical opera if that’s your thing. Just make sure you meet some new people.

30. Get help from your friends and beyond

If you are actively looking, you can always put the word out to a lot of people. They can be your friends, co-workers, nearby apartment friends or even someone from the coffee shop you visit regularly. Tell people what you are looking for. Be confident about your instincts. Then let it sit. If you do this consistently, you’re sure to end up with more people than you can ever imagine.

What do you think is the best way to meet someone? What is your favorite conversation starter? What’s the craziest story you know of a couple and how they met?

What do you believe is the ideal approach to meet somebody? What is your favorite conversation with someone you recently met? What’s the craziest story you are aware of a couple and how they met?

Please share in the comments!






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