5 Annoying Things Necessary For a Healthy Relationship

5 Annoying Things Necessary For a Healthy Relationship

There are many tips on what to do and what not to do if you want to build strong and healthy relationships. But very few people talk about unpleasant moments that arise between partners that can make relations better, despite the fact that they are, it would seem, harmful in nature. We will talk about such things.

Annoying Things Necessary For a Healthy Relationship

Annoying Things Necessary For a Healthy Relationship
Annoying Things Necessary For a Healthy Relationship

1 You offend each other – Things Necessary For a Healthy Relationship

For example, in situations where, after several hours in front of a mirror, a girl asks you what she looks like. You understand how important all the rituals with makeup and the selection of clothes for going to the cinema or elsewhere are important to her. More often than not, she looks magical, and you cannot stop looking at her.

But sometimes it happens that under the influence of some trends or because of an ambiguous mood, she makes herself a Christmas tree: a bunch of accessories, a strange combination of boots with bloomers, or something like that.

What to answer the question of how she looks in such a situation? Of course the truth. Why? Because honesty in a relationship is much more important than a constant good mood. And anyway, your girlfriend is the last person to censor yourself from. The main thing is that she agrees that you should always be honest.

The desire of both to maintain a good mood most often leads to the fact that neither you nor she will have it. Because of such things, relationships can begin to crumble – disintegrating grains, pebbles. You will not notice.

2 Some problems may remain unresolved.

The idea that in relationships you need to solve all your problems and talk about them is a fallacy. Modern research has claimed that thousands of happy couples have persistent unresolved issues, some of which they have been struggling with for years. But the unlucky couples assured that all problems needed to be resolved immediately so that there were no disagreements. And as a result, emptiness appeared in the relationship.

Happy couples understand and accept the fact that some conflicts are inevitable. There will always be something that they don’t like about the partner, and there will be things that they don’t agree with. And this is normal. Do not try to change a person to love him. And some disagreements should not be allowed to get in the way of a happy life together. Sometimes it happens that a wrestler is a bad creator. And attempts to resolve the conflict create even more problems.

3 Attraction to others

No matter how you want to believe that you are looking only at her, biology dictates its own rules. As soon as the period of love and romance ends, the sexual attractiveness of the partner slightly fades in our eyes. And if you stare at a beautiful girl on the way home, do not feel guilty. The thing is that we are not just able to find many people attractive at the same time – this is a biological inevitability. But whether or not to respond to attraction is up to you.

Again about guilty feelings. If it is, this is normal. It’s more correct to allow yourself to be attracted to another person, to experience these feelings and let them go. By suppressing them, you will give them power over themselves, and they will begin to dictate the rules of behavior, making it impossible for you to choose them yourself.

Those who try to repay such incentives are often inferior to them, and then they shrug and don’t understand how it happened. Even worse, when you project things like this onto a partner and start wildly jealous. All these are normal things that are characteristic of each of us. Take it and relax.

Annoying Things Necessary For a Healthy Relationship
Annoying Things Necessary For a Healthy Relationship

4 Spend time separately

Everyone has or maybe had a friend who disappeared as soon as a girl appeared in his life. The fact is that when you fall in love, irrational beliefs and desires develop. Absorb your life is one of them. When you dissolve in a partner, something unpleasant happens: the closer you get to him, the less you have from the person with whom she fell in love.

You need to defend your independence, not to give up your interests and hobbies, which have been with you most of your life. Sometimes moving away from a partner is useful. The fire between you needs oxygen, otherwise it will go out. Moving away for a while, you can refresh your head and understand what made you the person with whom she fell in love. Well, of course, remember what once attracted you to her.

5 Willingness to put an end

The ideas of what a healthy and strong relationship should be are pretty perverse. Most often, when the relationship ends, it is perceived as a failure. It is not right. Sometimes the only way to make relationships successful is to end them. Put an end to the right time, so as not to bring to the point when they become destructive.

Willingness to do this makes it possible to establish the necessary boundaries, thanks to which you and your partner will grow together. The logic is simple: when a person understands that his partner will be with him no matter what, there is simply no reason to work on himself and develop.






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