Anger management exercises: How to become calm?

Anger management exercise: How to become calm?

Anger management exercise: How to become calm?

Nowadays, when a simple average city dweller (albeit not only an urban one), a lot of problems have fallen, from simple – everyday ones, ending with serious – emotional ones, more and more often there are outbreaks of anger, irritability, anger. They can come at any moment, arise from nowhere, and result in a person who has nothing to do with it, on a child, a loved one, parents, on everyone who is around at the moment. Outbursts of anger can cause many quarrels, quarrels, partings, so each of us needs to learn to control ourselves, and most importantly, our anger.

Anger management exercise

Anger management is not only a film or series that has become popular thanks to a good script, it is a science that will help everyone find calm and poise, teach them how to control their outbursts of anger, and be more restrained by all the annoying factors.

In America, anger management is a program that is recommended to almost all residents. Almost every person living in this country has its own psychologist or psychotherapist who helps to solve problems, including outbreaks of anger. Let us turn to their practice, and take for ourselves a couple of simple but effective anger management exercises that will help us become a calm and balanced person.

Swing– Anger management exercise

Anger management exercises: How to become calm?
Anger management exercises: How to become calm?

Tighten all the muscles of your body as much as you can, take a deep breath, and hold your breath for 5 seconds. Muscles should be in a state of tension all the time. Exhale. As you exhale, feel how all the tension from the muscles goes away, leaves you. Repeat this exercise several times. Feel how anger, irritation, and resentment leave you with muscle tension. They go down to the tips of the toes and through the feet leave the body. Step over your anger and move on, free from it.

Balloon – Anger management exercise

If you feel angry, immediately imagine that you are a balloon. Feel how you inflate, your lungs are filled with air. Raise your hands up when the “ball” is ready to fly. Now, slowly exhale the air, and blow out the “balloon”, your hands will drop, and your body will relax. The ball is completely blown away. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times, and there will be no trace of anger.

Buddha smile -Anger management exercise

Buddha smile -Anger management exercise

For this exercise, sit back, close your eyes. Relax your face muscles completely and imagine that they become heavy, feel the heat. Your facial muscles lose their elasticity and smoothly “flow” down. Concentrate on the corners of the lips. Imagine how they slightly diverge to the sides and a smile appears on your face. Feel how your lips themselves are stretched into a smile, and a sense of joy and peace is reviving in the body. Try to do this exercise every day, and you will quickly forget about the outbursts of anger.

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“Brutal” dance

Exercise will be useful to timid people who try to hide their anger even from themselves. It’s best to do it alone with yourself. Take a step forward and imagine that you are an unbridled wild beast that can easily crush everything in its path (for example, a rhino). Unleash your anger, try to squeeze your jaw, start waving your arms, scream, or just feel how the anger rises in you without external manifestations. Do as you prefer, and as your inner voice suggests, your temperament prompts. When the anger reaches its climax, take a step back and catch the moment when the muscles relax and the state of the smiling Buddha from the previous exercise returns to you. Repeat this “brutal” dance several times until the body feels pleasant tiredness. Only then stop.

Such simple exercises will help you in controlling your anger, relieve you of bile and anger, and you will become much calmer and peaceful. What you, in fact, wish.

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