Achievements You Got For Doing Nothing

Achievements You Got For Doing Nothing

There are only solid talents around, geniuses from birth – and all are so beautiful that we just have to plow and plow in order to get at least a millimeter closer to their splendor.

Apparently, they do not know that not all things can be considered achievements. Achievement is the result of a rather complex, painful process. So some things are ridiculous to set as an example.

Achievements You Got For Doing Nothing

Achievements You Got For Doing Nothing
Achievements You Got For Doing Nothing


The fact that you do not change does not mean that you love your girlfriend or wife. Love is a powerful thing, but it is very often not domineering over instincts and lust. The reasons for your loyalty may be a lot. For example, you are an enchanting freak, and no one except your woman will ever give you a sound mind (but why she is with you is a conversation for another article).

Or are you too suspicious, nervous and afraid to be taken red-handed. Here you sit and reassure yourself with thoughts that everything is in order, the woman is there, quiet and smooth, so there’s nothing to risk in vain. Or maybe you’re just an honest and decent person who does not want to hurt your loved one? Yes, and why do this if you have love reigning, you are enough for each other, and the thrill is already great? It may seem strange, but it’s normal not to change. Yes, decency these days is an achievement in itself, but it still doesn’t make your loyalty something special. Why risk your comfort for an unjustified adventure, this is idiocy.

Healthy lifestyleAchievements You Got For Doing Nothing

So you say you don’t smoke, don’t drink and eat healthy food? Wring out 20 times before lunch and every morning you start with a bike ride? Well done, it’s necessary, but what is the achievement here, comrade?

That you had the willpower and endurance not to succumb to the temptation? No, well, you would drink 10 years before the state of ” Ozzy Osbourne on Vacation”, and then abruptly quit – this is an achievement, or have lost 12345 kg, showing remarkable endurance.

And if you go and bragging that you have never smoked or drank, what’s cool about that? Most people just don’t like the taste of alcohol and cigarettes, so you have nothing to do with it, it’s physiology, no fight.

And if you lead a healthy lifestyle, because you are sensitive to your giblets and health in general, then what can I say, well done. True, we are very happy for you, but taking care of your health is natural and normal. In addition, there is now a fashion for healthy lifestyle, and how do you prove that you are doing it sincerely, and not in order to match the team?

And we have doubts, Squire. We are used to the fact that people who constantly flaunt their dubious achievements often just try to prove something to themselves. That they are not some shit, but are something humanoid.

So why the hell should we praise you for a fictional incentive? Once again, a healthy lifestyle is normal and natural. That’s right – you need to live longer and be healthy, why not. And for this you do not need to poison yourself with all sorts of nasty things. As you can see, it all fits together. And where are the achievements?

Good tasteAchievements You Got For Doing Nothing

You say that you have a great taste. In the mornings, you prefer coffee in a Turk, rather than from a coffee machine, listen to Debussy, Glinka and the Electric Light Orchestra group, and prefer fashionable shoes exclusively from brands. It is clear that you are hinting that you have an impeccable taste, but here I would like to quote Alexander Mostovoy: “And then what?”.

You see, what’s the matter: good taste most often develops with us since childhood, thanks to parents and surroundings. That is, at that age when you, apart from moving figures on the TV and sweets, are not interested in anything.

You already have a foundation, and then a framework is built of your friends, communication, environment and interests. It seems to you that you yourself are responsible for your taste, but this is only partially true.

After all, you are interested in classics not because it is magical, but because you have been taught to feel this magic. Tastes are trees that grow from the fertile soil of your interests and the worldview that people influence. You can’t explain to Max Korzh’s fan that his music cannot be compared with Pink Floyd, and in general it’s indecent to go to a wedding in sports.

He will tell you what shit you are and will break the skull. He had a different life, a different environment that shaped his interests and taste. And it may well be that he was right in his own way.

Achievements You Got For Doing Nothing
Achievements You Got For Doing Nothing

WorkAchievements You Got For Doing Nothing

Well done, it should be so. Tell me, do you also need to be praised for the fact that you go poop? It’s just that in childhood you were praised for this, as well as for what you ate. Probably you should be praised for all natural things. Well, congratulations to you. And if you are not 16, then we, among other things, are also very sorry for you.

We are not saying that you should find yourself a job, take a bunch of loans, start a family and live like everyone else. But without work, you will not have the means of subsistence, you will simply die of hunger.

That is, your achievement is that you do not want to live like a bum? Charming, magnificent, if this is considered an achievement, then stop the Earth, we will evacuate.

Ah, do you live with your parents, get higher education and work at the same time? We’ll get off anyway. In our time, this was called independence, and sitting on the neck of parents was considered shameful. Well, since this is an achievement, we obviously have nothing to do here.

Things that don’t depend on you at all

I recall wonderful absurd scenes from my childhood when the guys above asked me a question “Why are you so small?” undersized guys. The mockery was offensive, and they often hit in the face, and the physical difference disappeared somewhere.

Years passed, people have matured, they realized that the main thing is brains. But not all, there were people who boast of penis size, height, and beard volume.

Well, if they boasted 50-centimeter muscles – the result of numerous trainings – or the ability to fend for themselves. But to brag about heredity and an aggregate that is useless after 5 years (you smoke, drink and don’t move – you will have problems soon) is disgusting.

It is infamous to only boast of origin. You have nothing to do with it. To love a country, to be a patriot and to consider origin an achievement is at least strange.

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