9 Signs She Only Wants You for Your Money

9 Signs She Only Wants You for Your Money

No matter how they call them materialistic, you still need to understand that not all women are inherent in materialism. About the signs that can give a girl who wants not love, but rather enrichment, you can read in this article. Each item separately does not mean that the girl opened the hunt for your wallet, but if you have recognized the good half – it’s time to think.

Signs She Only Wants You for Your Money

Signs She Only Wants You for Your Money
Signs She Only Wants You for Your Money

1 She hints at a hard life

First, there are stories that in childhood,, she had practically no toys, and in her teens, she wears things for her older sisters. Then begins languid sighs of the type: “What a cool dress, but I never could afford such a thing, but I always dreamed of feeling like on the carpet at least once in my life.” Further, there were lamentations about how difficult it was to go shopping and look at shop windows without buying anything.

As a true gentleman, you suggest she try on a dream dress and notice a not-so-tempting price tag that cuts at least a third of your salary. But there is nothing to do – a puppy’s eye and a reminder of poverty do their job.

2 Your conversations come down to money and work.

Well, what else might be of interest to a girl who is determined to connect herself with a relationship with your wallet. “Honey, how much do you earn?” and “Are you sure that we will have enough of this money?” – her favorite phrases. And this despite the fact that she herself does not even think about whether to get a job for her.

Signs she’s only after your money

3 She is fixated on material wealth

Girls can dream of personal fulfillment, a loving guy, a strong family, good work, and other really important things. A girl who needs money only from guys is more likely to storm your psyche with stories about how she would like a diamond ring, an expensive car or a vacation in the Maldives (Turkey is also suitable). Moreover, the position is immediately extremely clear: all this should be provided by the chosen one. An offer to earn a ticket to an exotic country and pay at least in half will infuriate her or make her go offended for several days.

4 She takes luxury goods on credit – Signs She Only Wants You for Your Money

A kind of attempt to make yourself a girl more expensive. She can save on food and other essential expenses, but take on credit another iPhone or wireless headphones for it to look “no worse than the rest.” However, she rarely visits the idea that she overpays, and the money could be spent on something else. Well, her loans smoothly migrate to you – you are a man, must solve all her problems, including financial ones.

5 She is not shy to ask you for money

And well, if you had met for several months and you had a common budget. A girl who is fixated only on money does not hesitate to start asking you for them from the first days of acquaintance. Moreover, this money is unlikely to go to food or payment of a communal apartment: meetings with the same girlfriends, clothes and the next fashionable shoes in her wardrobe – that’s what you will allocate funds for.

Signs She’s Using You For Cash

Signs She Only Wants You for Your Money
Signs She Only Wants You for Your Money

6 She despises pastime, which does not need to spend big money

“A picnic in the park?” Are we rogues? Let’s go to a restaurant ”- and if at that moment you are already beginning to say goodbye to your honestly earned money, then you are more than right. A cheap eatery can not do here – the girl will choose one of the most expensive restaurants, where she will order a dish from the chef and make you leave a generous tip.

7 She is manipulating you – Signs She Only Wants You for Your Money

“But my friend gave her friend a new phone, they have such love …” is one of the forms of manipulation. If you buy these tricks, we are very sorry. It’s time to finish. Expensive gifts are good, but only if you can afford it and meet with a girl for a long time. If your newly made lady of the heart literally forces you to give her bouquets of 101 roses or new earrings almost every week – run.

8 She is loyal to all your shortcomings

Married? Well, okay. Do you give her little time? Things are good. The main thing is that you can satisfy all her needs. It is important for such girls how thick your wallet is, so will such trifles as your appearance, your constant absence or the presence of your family really worry her? Unlikely.

9 She uses your guilt – Signs She Only Wants You for Your Money

“I don’t know if I can forgive you for such a thing …”, she says in frustrated feelings and locks herself in her room. Bring it back to normal can only be a pleasant gift, of course, not ordinary movie tickets or a bouquet of five roses, but something more substantial. A proposal to reduce it to shopping, for example. Or a new decoration.






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