9 Reasons You Can’t Get Out Of Comfort Zone

9 Reasons You Can’t Get Out Of Comfort Zone

If every week you swear to yourself that you will not stay in bed all weekend, spending free time wasted, and you will wake up early, go to the gym, to get out of the apartment and to meet with friends, but eventually resigned to the usual state of affairs – you have a problem. This problem is the lack of strength or desire to leave the comfort zone. You have fallen into an endless pit and you need to get out of comfort zone.

Despite your Friday vows, you find hundreds of reasons to postpone what you promised yourself for at least another week – then you woke up not in the good mood, then you stayed at work, or you were too tired. You convince yourself that there is nothing wrong with staying into your regular life comfort zone, but this is just an attempt at self-deception. And there are several reasons why you can’t get out of your comfort zone.

9 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Reasons You Can’t Get Out Of Comfort Zone
Reasons You Can’t Get Out Of Comfort Zone

1 You are prone to excessive control

Perhaps you are too comfortable to comply with the rules and daily routines. A set of strict rules determines your behavior, and if suddenly at least one of the rules is violated – you are worried. You love everything to go as you planned ahead.

If you recognize yourself in this scenario, you need to start trying to “let go” of the events, letting them go as they should, and not trying to follow the rules in any situation. Such craving for excessive control threatens you with the appearance of guilt and anxiety, the refusal of spontaneous actions and enjoy surprises.

2 You are indecisive – Reasons You Can’t Get Out Of Comfort Zone

If to friends questions, “Where would you like to have dinner?” or “Where do you want to go on vacation?” you just shrug your shoulders. When choosing online purchases, you first meticulously compare prices, and then close the tab, without stopping at any of the options, this can only indicate your indecision.

Under the indecision usually lies many reasons, for example, unwillingness to enter into conflict, to prove their point of view or lack of understanding of their own desires. Or maybe it’s just convenient for you when decisions are made for you.

3 You’re a perfectionist – Reasons You Can’t Get Out Of Comfort Zone

Fear of getting out of your comfort zone can go along with the fear of making a mistake that is so familiar to perfectionists. They do not have the concept of “good enough” – they strive either to do everything perfectly or not to do anything in order to avoid an undesirable result.

Leaving the comfort zone is a real test for any perfectionist, and he is unlikely to dare to do it without pressure. Such people are more in spirit to perform the actions that they brought to automatism.

4 You have a weak will

Your problem may be that you allow yourself to feel limp, which ultimately affects all areas of your life and prevents you from achieving goals. For example, if it’s too hard for you to get up to work early in the morning, you won’t solve the problem by simply moving the alarm clock an hour earlier.

You will need to accustom yourself to act regardless of your mood. You must develop your willpower so that your brain takes over your momentary emotions. In fact, you can start playing sports or, for example, get up early any day, and not just on Monday, if you can overcome yourself.

5 You are passive – Reasons You Can’t Get Out Of Comfort Zone

People who avoid conflict, responsibility and important decisions are used to just going with the flow. It is extremely difficult to get out of such a passive state: any changes are rejected by a passive person and can only be undertaken under pressure from loved ones.

Reasons You Can’t Get Out Of Comfort Zone
Reasons You Can’t Get Out Of Comfort Zone

6 You are irritable

A person who cannot get along with his temperament usually suffers from two problems at once. First, it is extremely difficult for him to cope with anger and other negative emotions. Any, even the most insignificant detail, can infuriate him, and regain control of himself will not be so simple.

Secondly, such people have an extremely narrow emotional range. Their main emotions are anger and irritability. Any attempt to leave the comfort zone for such a person is a stress factor that makes him lose control of his emotions.

7 You suffer from anxiety – Reasons You Can’t Get Out Of Comfort Zone

Anxiety is one of the most powerful obstacles for a person who seeks to leave the comfort zone. There is only one way to overcome it – if you learn to tolerate small doses of anxiety first, despite your anxiety and stress, and then gradually increase stress factors, you will gradually develop your tolerance for anxiety.

Each successful attempt will make you a little more confident in yourself and your abilities.

8 You have depression

If you feel depressed, sad, cornered, and lonely for a long time, you are more likely to have a depressive disorder. Of course, you cannot diagnose without medical education, and we do not advise you to self-medicate. Just pay attention to how you feel.

When you don’t have a goal or strength to achieve it, it is not surprising that leaving the comfort zone becomes an impossible task for you. Consider several options – from visiting a psychotherapist and starting medication to regular work with a psychologist.

9 You are too flexible

Do not rush to reject this option. You can avoid trying to get out of your comfort zone simply because your relatives, friends or colleagues, in theory, may not approve of your decision.

In order to learn to defend your opinion, you have to start with small steps – not to leave the argument or, for example, pay attention to the mistakes that people around you make and that negatively affect you.

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