8 Tips To Stop Planning And Start Living

8 Tips To Stop Planning And Start Living

Not always living on a clear plan is good. Sometimes impulsive actions and spontaneous decisions contribute to the expansion of our capabilities. If you are too focused on creating endless schedules and plans, let me help you distract from them and try to live for your pleasure. Well, how to do this – we will tell you below.

8 Tips To Stop Planning And Start Living

8 Tips To Stop Planning And Start Living
8 Tips To Stop Planning And Start Living

1 More often agree – Tips To Stop Planning And Start Living

This does not mean at all that you should start thoughtlessly assenting in response to any proposals received in your address. When you are faced with an important choice, you will automatically choose the option that will be beneficial to you. In other situations, where our answer does not affect things that are fundamentally important to you, try to respond positively more often. This will also help you to live life with a passion. This will help you discover many new possibilities, because when you say no, you are not trying to try something new. What if your spontaneous decision helps you find a new hobby or meet interesting people who will become your like-minded people in the future?

2 Don’t get ready – Tips To Stop Planning And Start Living

If packing your bags or memorizing speech spoils your mood, opt for keeping your mood. When you tune in to make your future better by any available means, you miss one important detail – your present. Improvisation is useful for fighting fears, for example, fear of mistakes or fear that everything will go wrong for you. Keep upcoming events easier. If you deviate from the plan, this does not mean that you will be defeated. Improvisation will help you get out of any situation.

3 Do not be afraid to make mistakes or seem inexperience

Next time, when you will be afraid of a possible mistake, remember how many great discoveries were made at the very moment when a person made a mistake. Mistakes are not bad, and if we compare the negative experience with the positive one, we can make sure that mistakes are much more valuable for any person than their victory. No one will evaluate you because of your mistakes, will not give you points, compare you with someone more successful. All this you do only yourself, afraid to be worse than everyone else. Reconsider your attitude towards mistakes and be a little kinder towards yourself. Being inexperienced is normal. Absolutely everything went through this.

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4 Do not be afraid to be mediocre

When you make efforts to make others seem smarter, stronger, more talented than you really are, you are spending too much energy. The paradox also lies in the fact that the more often you pretend to be, the weaker your result is. Remember that everything we do is imperfect, and even for the most interesting project there will be a competitor several times stronger. Just convince yourself that your “mediocre” results are also results, and they have a right to exist. Do what you like and do not try to hit anyone.

5 Face the facts – Tips To Stop Planning And Start Living

It helps you get back into reality when, frankly, you were dreaming. Most of us do not like people with a different character, events that force us to leave our comfort zone, and any other unusual things for us. And this happens only because we have no idea how to act in such unfamiliar situations / communicate with such people / solve new problems. Improvisation helps in such cases because you just learn to accept everything as it is.

6 Just come

When you were invited to a birthday party to an unfamiliar but interesting person, or when you wanted to visit a dance club for a long time, but still did not dare – just come. Half of the problems will be resolved immediately. Moreover, no one will force you to show any results or stay in the company longer than you yourself want. Unusual tasks for us scare us away, and we are automatically trying to avoid them. It is easier to pull yourself together when you are already in place. In other words, if you want to play basketball, for starters you should at least visit the sports ground.

7 Don’t Look For The Right Start Start

where you are now. Finding the perfect place and time in order to start learning something new or change your life only depletes you. If it’s hard for you to start cleaning the apartment, you can look around and take out the garbage next to you. Acting on will be much easier.

8 Distract from trying to be productive to the maximum

Yes, sometimes it’s useful to listen to an interesting podcast on the way to work or to turn on the English language tutorial while you are shaking in a completed minibus home. But don’t go overboard with this. Anyone needs unloading, and once every few days you can afford to walk after work on foot or go to a bar with friends. Just because. Without waiting for Friday night. Without remorse or guilt because you are not productive enough. Even if you go against your schedule.

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