8 tips for coping with depression

8 tips for coping with depression

American psychologist Susan Biali advises on how to resist depression. Do you feel under the depression? Try the following verified tips to see the difference. It would be best if you had nothing more than to adjust your daily routine.

Not only people who have to fight depression by eating antidepressant drugs are not going through depressive states. Every now and then everybody goes through such a state. It is enough that the body in winter from lack of sunlight switches to a more economical regime, as is customary in nature, and with the psyche does its thing. Or do you just have a bad time to get out?

Coping with depression
Coping with depression

Psychologist Susan Biali gives some guaranteed tips on how to lift your spirits and get back to normal. They will help you prevent depression or fight depressed states.


Regular daily exercise will help you maintain a good mood just like taking an antidepressant pill instead. But the side effects are far better – you’ll be in great shape! Just do it a little – an hour of brisk walking a day. Take walks, do not drive everywhere by car and public transport, walk as much as possible.

Eat healthy food every day – Coping with depression

Do not stay long without eating, otherwise, you will be grumpy. Avoid unhealthy foods full of sugar and liquids that raise blood sugar to trigger mood swings. Choose foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon or flax seeds to make your brain happy (literally).

Get enough sleep – Coping with depression

Research has shown that lack of sleep can have a dramatic impact on your mood and your ability to cope with stress. You may think you are depressed or chronically irritated – but it may be that you just need more sleep. Remember, you should not sleep less than 7 hours a day.

Spend your time on friends and people who can make you laugh

Romrzelost can only be a temporary state of mind, which you can change in a moment by supplying proper stimuli. Don’t you want anything? If you do not start to do something immediately, even if the body does not listen to you, you will not get out of the depression. Sit down with friends and listen to their funny stories, watch a movie and laugh together. Playing with your partner can be a nice improvement to your mood.

Play the music you love

Proven melodies have proven to arouse you and bring you to a good mood. Cleverly affect the psyche, for example, the jingles of comedy television series such as “How I met your mother” or “Friends”. If you feel like tossing it, do not resist it, you will feel good.

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Keep your head straight

When you feel under a dog, you tend to hunch and crawl like a soulless body. Step up straight, take long steps while walking, remember to breathe deeply, and most importantly, smile, even if you have no reason, the result will soon arrive.

Avoid alcohol - Coping with depression
Avoid alcohol – Coping with depression

Avoid alcohol – Coping with depression

The booze will give you a good mood for just a moment, but eventually, your mood will begin to sink to the bottom like a Titanic and you will sink into depression. In addition, alcohol affects the depth of your sleep, which means you will feel terrible the next day after alcohol intoxication, even if you sleep for 12 hours at a time. So with alcohol, you will avoid the monkey and you will not feel lost.

Go to the sun – Coping with depression

You may also be avoiding the sun’s rays behind your depressed states. Do you stay close at home, don’t go out, leave curtains closed, wear sunglasses? The sun has one unique ability – its rays penetrate through the skin into our bodies, which makes them vitamin D, which is essential for a resilient psyche. Our brains need light to create substances for their good mood. 

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If you learn to follow this recipe, you should feel much better than before, without having to put expensive pills that do not solve your problem. Start now!

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