8 Signs Your Relationship Is Dragging You Down

8 Signs Your Relationship Is Dragging You Down

it is so important to clearly see the difference between a healthy relationship and a toxic one. While the former force you to roll mountains, the latter only take away your energy and deprive you of self-confidence. So what do you say: your partner motivates you or, on the contrary, prevents you from growing? Here are some signs to help you decide.

8 Signs Your Relationship Is Dragging You Down

Signs Your Relationship Is Dragging You Down
Signs Your Relationship Is Dragging You Down

1 Outraged by your achievements

If in response to the desire to share your successes you get only a fraction of neglect or simulated joy, you can be sure: in your relationship, everything is far from as good as it seems at first glance. This reaction is most likely due to the desire of your partner to be a cut above that of you. Therefore, he cannot reconcile with your achievements.

In a healthy relationship, both partners sincerely enjoy each other’s successes. Reproaches in your direction – an occasion to think whether the person is next to you.

2 You are asked to give up what matters to you

For example, from talking with close friends or pursuing a favorite hobby. If bans on such things have a place to be – this is not normal. It is one thing when you are asked to quit smoking or to reduce alcohol consumption, and quite another – when they try to protect you from what brings you positive emotions.

Do not fall for a trick like “this is necessary so that everything is fine with us.” For the relationship to be healthy, partners need to relax from each other and find time for themselves. The desire to strip you of this or to make it a “privilege” is unhealthy.

3 You are constantly deprived of strength

Everything seems to be the same as it was before: the same job, schedule, partner, but literally no strength remains. Perhaps you are too often scandalous, there is a tense relationship between you, or you just feel at home at ease. You don’t have enough energy even to do the simplest tasks, such as washing a plate or putting things in a closet. Take a closer look at your condition: apathy and being in a depressed mood can be the first signs of depression.

4 Your partner constantly spoils your mood – Signs Your Relationship Is Dragging You Down

While you are not together, you feel good, as soon as you meet – your mood changes as if by a click. Perhaps because of empty reproaches, caustic jokes, or murderous jealousy. It’s very difficult to be close to the person who is the reason for your bad mood, and the main question is how much will be enough for you.

Signs Your Relationship Is Holding You Down

Signs Your Relationship Is Dragging You Down
Signs Your Relationship Is Dragging You Down

5 You have difficulty communicating with loved ones

Perhaps you have estranged yourself from relatives and friends because you don’t want to share the details of your life with them, or maybe your partner is hindering your communication. Or your loved ones are not enthusiastic about your choice – then it would be nice to look at the object of your adoration once again. The people you care about are just worried about you. Agree, if this excitement is not unreasonable, then the sooner you find out, the better.

6 Partner constantly talks about your shortcomings

If criticism from a loved one will pour into your address with an enviable frequency, then the day will soon come when you will finally be disappointed in yourself. This is fraught with low self-esteem, self- doubt and self-accusations. When a person loves, he seeks in his partner not disadvantages, but advantages. If everything is exactly the opposite in your relationship, it is quite possible that they are trying to underestimate your self-esteem intentionally.

7 You began to worry often – Signs Your Relationship Is Dragging You Down

You used to be smiling and positive, but now you constantly live in a state of anxiety and stress. You are forced to analyze every word of your partner, unnecessarily control your behavior, to avoid conflict situations that your partner provokes. You feel insecure, afraid to trust personal information to your loved one, do not show the strangeness of your character. Often this happens because, at times when you were sincere, your partner did not accept you.

8 You envy happy couples

For example, to a friend who tells how he spent the weekend with his girlfriend, or a couple passing by. As soon as you catch yourself thinking that you are feeling envious, you can be sure that something is not going as smoothly in your relationship as you would like.






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