8 Signs You Lack Respect For Yourself In Relationship

8 Signs You Lack Respect For Yourself In Relationship

People who knowingly are disrespectful, are extremely rare. So there is a great risk that you are doing it unintentionally. In a relationship, lack of self-esteem in one of the partners is a big problem. And if you are not sure if she is in your pair, pay attention to the following signs.

Signs You Lack Respect For Yourself In Relationship

Signs You Lack Respect For Yourself In Relationship

1 You are not a priority

In any relationship, you must be aware that the most important person, whose opinions and feelings you should always listen to, is you yourself. There are people who, entering into a relationship, begin to neglect themselves. They allow your partner to make serious decisions alone, without coordinating this with them, or to limit the freedom of action of a loved one, without asking him how important a scheduled meeting or event is for him. It may seem to you that these are trifles and in relation, in principle, everyone behaves this way, but this is self-deception. Try to start listening to yourself – is your partner really listening and hearing you and trying to find compromises or things are not as rosy as you imagined.

2 You rarely say what you really think – Signs You Lack Respect For Yourself

Like it or not, but in each pair, one partner dominates, and the other is a slave. Not always this is manifested so vividly that the division immediately struck the eyes of others. The driven person rarely shows his true feelings and practically does not share his thoughts. Sometimes this is done in order not to hurt a partner, and sometimes because of a reluctance to start a conflict. But think for a moment: who, if not you, will think about your feelings? You cannot say yes all the time if you understand that the proposal is rejecting you. What is the point of such actions? You just put the other person above yourself, while not having much confidence that he deserves it.

3 You often apologize

If most of your suggestions begin with the word “sorry”, then there are definitely problems in your relationship. You cannot apologize for everything that happens to you or your life. You should not apologize for your feelings or thoughts, for the fact that your partner had a hard day at work. If your girlfriend comes home angry or nervous, you should not make excuses and scatter in an apology, because you are not the reason for her bad mood. But you can always help her. Just say that you understand her, and offer to do something in order to cheer her up. In short, wean yourself from the habit of apologizing in situations in which you are not to blame.

Signs You Literally Have ZERO Respect For Yourself

4 You do not argue with a partner

In healthy relationships, there is a lot of controversy and quarrel. An argument is an expression of one’s own opinion, and this is normal. If you will always be silent about what is happening inside you, or will unconditionally agree with everything that your partner offers, then you are unlikely to be really happy in a relationship. You can’t keep everything in yourself forever. One day there will come a moment when you explode, and a quarrel, in this case, will not bring anything good.

5 Are you ready to forgive even serious misconduct – Signs You Lack Respect For Yourself

Each in his own way defines the concept of “serious misconduct”. But all the transcripts have one similarity: serious misconduct cannot be easily forgiven. If your partner strongly touched you with his behavior or words, he is unlikely to atone for his guilt with a guilty smile or another declaration of love. At a minimum, you will need to talk about what happened and find out the reasons for such an act. If in your relations an ordinary apology is enough or you yourself are ready to take the first step, even if you are still offended, rethink what is happening.

Signs You Lack Respect For Yourself In Relationship
Signs You Lack Respect For Yourself In Relationship

6 You do things you don’t like

If you are forced to visit people who are unpleasant to you, to help those who do not value you, and, in principle, carry out most of the actions through “must” and “should”, it is not surprising that you are in a bad mood almost all the time.

Your girlfriend’s girlfriends who use your kindness, her relatives who are happy to invite you home to discuss you with you, do you really need this? Although if you do not respect yourself in a relationship and cannot set personal boundaries and show autonomy, then you don’t really care about your state of mind.

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7 You let other people interfere in your relationship

A wake-up call is when your parents know about your couple things that are not publicly available at all, or when your “dedicated” colleagues once again advise you on what to do. A self-respecting person will never allow other people to get into his relationship, especially with advice that he did not ask for. When more than two people participate in a relationship, they begin to burst at the seams. Just remember that.

8 You speak badly of yourself

You may become in the habit of telling yourself disgusting things: you are not so pretty, sometimes pathetic, incapable of more, stupid, etc. Scolding yourself for any failures and devaluing your success with many people is the meaning of life. But do not make it yours. If you yourself do not respect yourself and your work, then it is unlikely that anyone else will be able to.






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