8 Signs Of Existential Crisis And How To Deal With It

8 Signs Of Existential Crisis And How To Deal With It

Life today is not what it used to be.

How many times have you heard this from your parents, grandparents? Life before the advent of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram really was much less stressful.

People talked most of the time live, there was less pressure, you did not need to wear many masks and try yourself in different directions in the hope of finding your calling in life.

Today, however, life is much more advanced – you have more opportunities to make it more convenient. But we have so much information that it’s sometimes difficult to stay focused and confident in your choice. In addition to these global changes, each of us is experiencing its own. We all have our own battles, we are experiencing ups and downs, trying to find the meaning of life.

In the end, each of us reaches a certain point in his life when he has to face some sad event outside his control, for example: loss of a loved one, serious illness, divorce, or any other difficulties. Experiences undermine our mental state and make us feel overwhelmed. Psychologists call such conditions existential anxiety and depression, or simply an existential crisis.

Signs Of Existential Crisis And How To Deal With It
Signs Of Existential Crisis And How To Deal With It

8 Signs Of Existential Crisis And How To Deal With It

As the name implies, the existential crisis is somehow connected with our existence. In particular, this is a period of rethinking the meaning, purpose or values ​​of our lives.

Symptoms of an existential crisis:

1 Strong or obsessive interest in the importance of life and death – Signs Of Existential Crisis

“Why do we live?”, “How much is allotted to us?”, “What does death mean?”

If you constantly ask these questions, it is likely that you are experiencing an existential crisis. Sitting for hours, staring at one point and thinking about why you were born, is clearly not one of the signs of a person’s normal state.

2 Anxiety and sadness about the society in which you live

If the phrase “Our society has long rotted” began to sound in your head more and more often, and you lost faith in people, it is not surprising that the people around you and communication with them cause you only sadness and slight concern. You can think not only about your own sense of life, but also about the meaning of the existence of all mankind, as well as its impact on the world.

3 Belief that change in everything is impossible and useless – Signs Of Existential Crisis

“Well, what will change if I do this?”

When you lose faith that you really can control your life, you give up. Why do anything if the idea of ​​helplessness is firmly entrenched in your head? You may think that your actions will not lead to anything, but in reality it all depends on you.

4 A sense of isolation from other people

Each of us has been in similar situations: you feel that you do not fit into the general mass, and this makes you feel lonely. People around seem alienated, indifferent, closed, but if you take a sober look at the situation, you will understand that it is not in the others, but in yourself.

5 Break ties with other people – Signs Of Existential Crisis

You can be so carried away by the search for the meaning of life and accusations towards society that communication with other people will cease to be considered something important for you. Or your loved ones, showing interest in your emotional state, will cause you irritation and anger.

Signs Of Existential Crisis And How To Deal With It
Signs Of Existential Crisis And How To Deal With It

6 Low motivation and energy, inability to do what you usually do

A typical state of a person experiencing an existential crisis is a lack of strength in solving everyday affairs. There is no motivation, by the way. It seems to you that nothing will work out for you anyway / you will not be able to change what you want / the tasks assigned to you are meaningless.

7 Doubts about the purpose and meaning of life – Signs Of Existential Crisis

“Is that the path in life I have chosen?” or “Is it my goal to live?” You can compare your meaning of life with strangers, downplay its meaning, look for new goals in life, etc.

8 Suicidal thoughts and feelings – Signs Of Existential Crisis

Well, everything is clear and without explanation. Sometimes, having reached a dead end and experiencing excruciating emotions such as feelings of personal worthlessness or loneliness, a person may begin to think about suicide. It is important to immediately respond to such thoughts and try to take the necessary measures, and if necessary, make an appointment with a psychotherapist.

So the existential crisis is quite serious, and should not be taken lightly. You can’t just sit there and wait for it to pass.

How to cope with an existential crisis?

There are actually many things you can do to help yourself. Make some sense back in your life to stop feeling unnecessary.

Start a gratitude journal in which you write down reminders of how lucky you are. Do not expect answers from all the questions. We often press on ourselves, trying to reflect on the purpose of our existence, but we can’t quickly find the answer.

Do not push your loved ones away – these are people who are trying to help you and will be there when you feel bad. In general, that’s all. There are few rules, but if you strictly observe them, they will soon have the necessary effect.

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